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CureAtor/Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats - In Between Days/Boots Off

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 10 / 8 / 2009

CureAtor/Terry Edwards and the Scapegoats - In Between Days/Boots Off
Label: Sartorial Records
Format: 7"


Cabaret cover version of the Cure's 'In Between Days' from the CureAtor, a one-off project of Gallon Drunk and Tindersticks' Terry Edwards

This single is being released both on 7 inch amber coloured vinyl and download. The CureAtor is Terry Edwards, the saxophonist and horn player with Gallon Drunk and part-time trumpet player with Tindersticks, who here covers 'In Between Days', one of the Cure's biggest pop moments. Here it just sounds like cabaret. It adds a bit of grit to the track, but to me it sounds like the Cure as played by the cast of 'Sesame Street'. 'Boots Off!', which features Terry under his own name with another of his bands the Scapegoats, on the other hand is brilliant. It is a beatnik jazz number with deep hammond organ, funky bass, and sharp men in sharp suits playing as if there lives depended on it. Absolutely perfect, it puts you in a cool 50's mood.

Track Listing:-
1 The Cure-Ator- In Between Days
2 Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats- Boots Off !!!

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