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Loaf Recordings


Charlie Alex March (2010)

Entertaining debut album from experimetal electronic musician Charlie Alex March, which, while seemingly subdued, needs to be played loud

Dark Captain, Light Captain (2008)

Sublime ambient folk on debut EP from new London-based group Dark Captain, Light Captain, unfortunately ruined by its unsatisfactory vocals

Extra Life (2010)

Made Flesh
Self-indulgent and dull second album from New York experimental art rock collective, Extra Life

GaBlé (2009)

I'm Ok
Suprisingly coherent and articulate new mini album from wacky French trio GaBlé, whose music combines sounds from household devices and DIY noises with real instruments

Nickel Pressing (2010)

Effective merging of Celtic fiddles and New Order-style dance beats on magnificent new EP from French trio, Nickel Pressing

Oen Sujet (2009)

Life Given to Quiet Places
Tedious broken beat Sugarcubes-influenced electronica on mini-album from Montreal-based act, Oen Sujet

Present (2009)

The Way We Are
Eerie post-industrial drone rock on second album from instrumental New York-based power trio, the Present

Seeland (2009)

Tomorrow Today
Excellent debut album from Birmingham-based group Seeland, the project of ex-Broadcast member tim Felton and Billy Bainbridge who was formerly in Plone

Seeland (2009)

Captured EP
Stripped down, but yet beautiful-sounding remixes on new EP from Birmingham electronic outfit Seeland

Vowels (2009)

The Pattern Prism
Enthralling and finely structured debut album from jazz-influenced duo, Vowels

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