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Vowels - The Pattern Prism

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 26 / 9 / 2009

Vowels - The Pattern Prism
Label: Loaf Recordings
Format: CD


Enthralling and finely structured debut album from jazz-influenced duo, Vowels

Multi-instrumentalist James Rutledge and drummer Chris Walmsley produce a sound that is simply too rich to come from a duo. 'The Pattern Prism' is a studio album of course, yet still their pulsating instrumental tracks assure that there is not a sole moment of dullness. Mathematically systematic the music also show heart and warmth. The keyboards provide you with a wonderful urge to make you dance and another simple trick with excellent results are those handclaps. Vowels owe to freeform music of the 1970s with their zany arrangements and quirky intros but since they are just a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist discipline rules the patterns. Walmsley makes Rutledge stick to the lesson, his very own, and the lengthy exercises become more enthralling with each new track. While less danceable in some cases, this album can be listened to in the morning as an inspiration and enjoyed in the wee hours for its wacky, little symphonies. The structured and funky cacaphony develops a menacing edge at the closing stages of this pleasant but furious ride.

Track Listing:-
1 Sonny
2 Two Wires
3 Swim Pool
4 Appendix
5 On Up!
6 Drums Gone Awry
7 Eh Up
8 Closing Circles

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