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Affairs of the Heart


Cascade Lakes (2020)

Cascade Lakes
Sincere but dull and unimaginative debut album from German indie band Cascade Lakes

Hayden (2008)

In Field and Town
Musically assured, mature-sounding alt. country on fifth album from Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Hayden Desser

John Vanderslice (2007)

Emerald City
Fine Americana on sixth solo album from singer-songwriter, John Vanderslice, written while he was fighting against a rejected US visa application for his French girlfriend

Kodiak Deathbeds (2015)

Kodiak Deathbeds
Exceptional acoustic folk rock on debut album from American two-piece, Kodiak Deathbeds

Maria Taylor (2011)

Poignant and offbeat fourth solo album from Alabama-based singer-songwriter and one time Azure Ray member, Maria Taylor

Nik Freitas (2011)

Saturday Night Underwater
Pleasant Big Star and Beach Boys-inspired harmonic pop from one man band and Californian singer-songwriter, Nik Freitas

Tim Kasher (2010)

The Game of Monogamy
Refreshingly honest, but overlong and frequently half hearted debut solo album from Cursive singer, Tim Kasher

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