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Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy

  by Paul Waller

published: 12 / 11 / 2010

Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy
Label: Affairs of the Heart
Format: CD


Refreshingly honest, but overlong and frequently half hearted debut solo album from Cursive singer, Tim Kasher

I have a Tim Kasher story. I once put on a show for the band he usually sings for, Cursive. After the concert the band returned to my flat for food and sleep. That night I cooked up a cauldron full of vegan beans in a tomato sauce and poured it over a bed of pasta. Tim was the only member that didn’t finish or want seconds. Either the man has a small stomach or thinks my cooking sucks. I hope it’s the former, although it was probably the latter. On this, the man's debut solo album he delivers the same half hearted approach as he did to the meal he ate at my place. There are some brilliant tracks on here make no mistake but there are some also pretty weak musical moments to boot. Both 'Bad Bad Dreams' and 'I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here', whilst interesting enough lyrically, come across as a below par Beautiful South musically. The horns get in the way of just about everything and with both songs carrying the same tempo you’d be rightly fully confused if you struggled telling the two apart. Time and time again this happens and then along comes a song that’s simply brilliant both it’s lyrical scope and musical direction. 'Cold Love' and the more reflective, classically led lament 'There Must Be Something I’ve Lost' capture the spirit of this Kasher best. It also contains the best line on the album. “The world don’t revolve around your prick/Just ask your old girlfriends” is a brilliant put down even if he is singing about himself. In fact you could go as far to say that the whole of 'The Game of Monogamy' could be encapsulated with that one sound bite. This is the record where Tim puts a full stop on his life, temporarily at least and reflect on what type of man he has become. The honesty in his words are utterly refreshing in the world of today’s ego fuelled, chest beating anthemic indie rockers. It’s just that I think the album would have been better suited as an old fashioned mini album rather than this overlong slightly bloated effort we have here today.

Track Listing:-
1 Monogamy Overture
2 A Grown Man
3 I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Die Here
4 Strays
5 Cold Love
6 Surprise, Surprise
7 There Must Be Something I've Lost
8 Bad, Bad Dreams
9 No Fireworks
10 The Prodigal Husband
11 Monogamy

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