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Sea Records


Ambulance (2005)

Witchi Tai To
Inspired electro-folk updating of Canadian Indian Jim Pepper's obscure 1960's peyote chant from boldly experimental Liverpool-based group Ambulance

Dallas Boner (2010)

I Love You Please Come Home
Potentially great, but largely tiresome folktronica from London-based musician, Dallas Boner

Les Cox Sportifs (2010)

Scheiß Mit Reis
Enjoyable debut album from Newcastle-upon-Tyne new wave three piece Les Cox (Sportifs), occasionally spoilt by their experimentation with a Euro pop sound

Mugstar (2006)

Gigantic-sounding, fantastic space rock on debut album from new Liverpuldian group Mugstar

Pea Sea (2013)

The Debatable Land
Offbeat indie folk rock on debut album from Newcastle-based quintet

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