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Pea Sea - The Debatable Land

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 2 / 9 / 2013

Pea Sea - The Debatable Land
Label: Sea Records
Format: CD


Offbeat indie folk rock on debut album from Newcastle-based quintet

The Geordie quintet Pea Sea may sound like regional charmers to British ears, yet to these foreign ears their album brings a feast of quintessential folky indie rock. Conceived from humble means, 'The Debatable Land' - north of the border, south of the border, Gretna region I suppose - is an album of a sincerity, almost unheard of since the last albums by Half Man Half Biscuit and the Nightingales. Not that Pea Sea has much in common with those, apart from their views on life today and a shyness of a presence on the web. 'Pinocchio Nose' is one of a few wacky intermezzos. The track's lightheartedness puts the album in balance and in perspective. Humorous self-mockery on the twisting 'Dead Beat Formula' sets the tone. Thrashing stuttering comes next with 'Mixing up the Cordite'. Just as John Peel would have turned 74 as I write this, 'Inconceivable' joins those decades, falling between the early days of new wave in 1979 and post-internet 2013. The lazy twang in 'When She Drops Her Veil' stands to correct the impertinence of some of the lyrics. The juxtaposition set in the choosing of words makes this album such a grand listen. The musicianship performed on 'Come Over' too shows the two-faced and sometime brilliance of Pea Sea. These irresistable sing-song Geordie vocals, happily wedded to Bo Didsley beats and rock and roll, have crafted a mighty fine album. Too gutsy for a Mercury Award, I'm afraid.

Track Listing:-
1 Kirtle Water Pt. I
2 Dead Beat Formula
3 Mixing up the Cordite
4 My Fair Lady
5 I Long to Turn Right
6 Come Over
7 Rise Above Them
8 Inconceivable
9 Pinocchio Nose
10 When She Drops Her Veil
11 Kirtle Water Pt. II

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