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Dallas Boner - I Love You Please Come Home

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 17 / 12 / 2010

Dallas Boner - I Love You Please Come Home
Label: Sea Records
Format: CD


Potentially great, but largely tiresome folktronica from London-based musician, Dallas Boner

Dallas Boner has turned everything against himself. London stiffy would be a more appropriate nom de plume. The album sets out to be very romantic and just about manages to sound lovely enough. Soon though you feel cheated by the wimpy wanderings. Dallas Boner sounds like the Television Personalities with no balls and without a sense of melody or irony. Instead Dallas Boner, who claims to have a past in electronica and glitch , plays a tiresome kind of mumble hop. Dallas Boner don't reach the summit of Mount Tedium, yet for all his assembled bits and pieces of folktronica the vocal exercises involved deserved much better. There are several moments of greatness that do not get recognized as such. And just the same, really bland and boring moments alternate with such highlights. This kid has a future, but choosing such a name makes it difficult to imagine that he will go far.

Track Listing:-
1 Ghosts of Future Selves
2 Come and Go With Me
3 Standing Still, Silhouette Like
4 The Remembering Slice
5 Rains
6 The New Sun, The Old Moon and The Sun
7 Secrets & Lies
8 Sheet Like Teeth
9 Suddenly Good Times
10 All Rivers Lead To Me
11 Transplant Heart

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