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Mugstar - Mugstar

  by Emma Dawson

published: 9 / 12 / 2006

Mugstar - Mugstar
Label: Sea Records
Format: CD


Gigantic-sounding, fantastic space rock on debut album from new Liverpuldian group Mugstar

Space rock’s very much alive and well, folks, and its droning, pulsing heartbeart, which once was centred somewhere between Germany and Hawkwind’s rock mansion, appears to have now settled in the city of Liverpool. Mugstar appear to have been forced out from rock’s crust as a result of a collision of the two musical tectonic plates of Neu! and Mogwai and what we have to muse over is their eponymous debut, 'Mugstar'. The opener, 'My Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered', is a monumental ode to rock joy and is as fantastic a planet-destroyer that you’re likely to hear for some considerable time. Live, Mugstar are renowned for their gigantic sonic soundscapes that pummel audiences into submission. It is often the case that such aural excesses are rarely transferred to the studio. In Mugstar’s case they have, however, managed to capture the live energy and power perfectly, while still maintaining a tight hold of the melodic song structures. Indeed, it is this facet to Mugstar’s game that sets them apart from their like-minded contemporaries. Although the relentless, mind-bending sonic creations feel like they will burn your neurons beyond repair, flowing ceaselessly below the surface are melodies of sorts that keep you hooked in and ready for the next blast of aural pleasure. Mugstar is an accomplished piece of work and what makes it all the better is that it’s a UK act producing a sound that both brings to mind the heaviness of US contemporaries such as Kinski and pays perfect homage to those great acts that have gone before, and there’s no higher praise than that.

Track Listing:-
1 My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered
2 Crempog Smultron
3 It Was Too Cold to Go Looking for Bransui
4 Good Posture Vs Bad Posture
5 Floatation Tank
6 Subtle Freak
7 Man With Supersight
8 Children of the Gravy

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