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Young God Records


Akron/Family (2005)

Intriguing blend of folk music and oddity on first album from New York-based band Akron/Family, which should attracts fans of Grandaddy, Flaing Lips and Animal Collective alike

Akron/Family (2007)

Love is Simple
Adventurous fourth album from the Akron/Family, wwhose music incorporates elements of American folk blues, jazz, electronics, noise and free psychedelic rock

Angels Of Light (2005)

Angels Of Light Sing Other People
Disturbing new record from former Swans frontman Michael Gira's follow-up act Angels of Light, which is a further "finely formed celebration and condemnation of humanity’s dark interior "

Angels Of Light (2007)

We are Him
Latest album from Michael Gira's Angels of Light which despite replacing the industrialism of his first, most famous band the Swans with a combination of folk, country and hillbilly music remains doom-laden and disturbing

Angels Of Light (2003)

Everything Is Good Here / Please Come Home
Latest double album from former Swans mastermind M.Gira's new band, which finds him making "a successful attempt at crafting a more accessible sound"

Angels Of Light And Akron/family (2005)

Akron/family And Angels Of Light
Engaging joint offering on Young God Records from experimental rockers Akron/Family and the Angels of Light, the current musical incarnation of ex-Swans man Michael Gira

Devendra Banhart (2003)

Oh Me Oh My...
Schizophrenic folk rock from latest signing to Michael Gira's Young God label, solo artist Devendra Banhart, who draws comparisions with Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Jeffrey Lewis and the Moldy Peaches

Devendra Banhart (2003)

Black Babies
"Enchanting" second album from much acclaimed half-Venezulelan, half-Texan musician, Devendra Banhart, whose back-to-basics 4 track recording techniques add to its charm

James Blackshaw (2010)

All Is Falling
Breathtakingly orchestral ninth album from guitarist/pianist James Blackshaw, which finds him playing with a twelve-string electric guitar rather than its usual acoustic counterpart

James Blackshaw (2009)

The Glass Bead Game
Spellbinding latest album from distinctive London-based fingerpicking guitarist, James Blackshaw, who, despite being still in his twenties, has already managed to release an impressive back-catalogue of material

Larkin Grimm (2008)

Strangely enchanting, but dark folk rock on third album from New York-based singer-songwriter, Larkin Grimm

Larsen (2002)

"Warm and inviting" debut release by Italian post-rockers, which was engineered and recorded by M. Gira of Swans and Angels of Light fame.

Lisa Germano (2009)

Magic Neighbor
Surreally haunting and dream-like tenth album from American singer-songwriter, Lisa Germano

Mi And L'au (2005)

Mi And L'au
Serene and experimental folk rock on the Young God label from romantic couple Mi and L’Au, who met in Paris but now live in Finnish woodlands

Michael Gira / Dan Matz (2001)

What We Did
This release is a songwriting collaboration between Michael Gira (Angels of light/ex-Swans) and Windsor for the Derby's D. Matz.As anyone who has followed Mr Gira's career over the last decade or so w

Swans (2016)

White Light from the Mouth of Infinity/ Love of Life
Excellent reissue on three CD box set, including an additional CD of live tracks and demos, of New York-based experimentalists Swans' early 1990s studio albums, 'White Light from the Mouth of Infinity' and 'Love of Life'

Swans (2012)

The Seer
Lengthy, but convincing and compelling double album from New York experimentalists, Swans

Swans (2002)

The Great Annihilator
Reissued release of undefinable and vastly underrated "classic" latter period Swans record from 1995.

Wooden Wand (2010)

Death Seat
Sweet-sounding and compelling gothic/country blues on latest album from American avant-garde project Wooden Wand.



Michael Gira
Interview Angels Of Light - Interview

Ex-Swans front-man and owner of Young God records Michael Gira's latest musical project Angels of Light has just released its fifth album 'We Are Him'. Jamie Rowland chats to him about it, the potentially bleak future of Young God and his music

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