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Thrill Jockey


Adult (2005)

Gimmie Trouble
Posturing and pretentious third offering from greatly hyped Thrill Jockey signing ADULT.

Adult. (2007)

Why Bother ?
Paranoiac, but highly rewarding fourth album from enigmatic stalwarts of the Detroit elecro scene, ADULT.

Angela Desveaux (2008)

The Mighty Ship
Classic-sounding Americana on exceptional second album from country and folk-influenced Montreal-based singer-songwriter Angela Desveaux

Arbouretum (2007)

Rites of Uncovering
Haunting and exploratory acid rock from Arbouretum, the project of Baltimore based musician Dave Heumann

Arbouretum (2013)

Coming Out of the Fog
Slow-burning, but hypnotic sixth album from Baltimore trio Arbouretum, who merge together prog rock, country and folk

Arbouretum (2020)

Let It All In
Arbouretum return with one of their most sturdy official albums so far, spreading themselves out widely whilst remaining solidly grounded

Bobby Conn (2007)

King for a Day
Entertaining, appealing new album from idiosyncratic singer-songwriter Bobby Conn, whose eclectic influences range from Prince to Motorhead to Sweet and the Incredible String Band

Califone (2006)

Roots and Crowns
Fresh-sounding country folk and roots rock from durable Chicago based rockers, Califone

Chicago Underground (2010)

Boca Negra
Intriguing and thought-provoking fifth album of freeform jazz from avant-garde act the Chicago Underground Duo

Elena Setién (2019)

Another Kind Of Revolution
On her first album for Thrill Jockey - but third in all – Spain’s Elena Setién carves out lustrous arrangements around her elegant compositions

Eleventh Dream Day (2011)

Riot Now!
Enthralling tenth album of garage rock from Chicago-based band, Eleventh Dream Day

Eternal Tapestry (2013)

A World Out of time
Satisfying space rock on latest album from West Coast psychedelic outfit Eternal Tapestry, which takes many of its song titles from science-fiction stories and novels

Freakwater (2005)

Thinking Of You
Fine first album in six years from the ever versatile Freakwater, which blends together country music, folk, bluegrass and Americana

Jim White and Marisa Anderson (2020)

The Quickening
Captivating guitar and drums improvisation from drummer Jim White and Portland-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Marisa Anderson

John Parish (2005)

Once Upon A Little Time
Suprisingly mediocre solo album from John Parish, PJ Harvey's backing man and co-producer

Kandodo (2012)

Fantastic psychedelic-influenced debut album from Kandodo, the solo project of Simon Price from the Heads

Kandodo (2013)

Excellent second album of instrumental post-rock from Kandodo, the solo project of Bristol-based heads front man, Simon Price

Mouse On Mars (2021)

Computed coordinated chaos on anarchic latest album from German electronic duo Mouse On Mars

Phil Manley (2011)

Life Coach
Sluggish move into acoustic finger picking from Phil Manley, who is also a member of electronic wave rock outfit, Trans AM

Sidi Toure (2011)

Sahel Folk
Rich collection of Mali traditional folk songs from leading local musician, Sidi Touré

Skull Defekts (2014)

Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown
Underwhelming latest album from Swedish psychedelic/drone outfit, the Skull Defekts

Trans Am (2007)

Sex Change
Umpredictable and invigorating seventh album from durable post rock/electronica act, Trans Am

White Hills (2012)

Frying On This Rock
Mindblowing latest album from New York space rock collective White Hills, which proves to be definitely not for the faint-hearted

White Hills (2013)

So You Are...So You'll Be
Explosive science-fiction influenced seventh album from New York-based space rock trio, White Hills

White Hills (2015)

Walks for Motorists
Excellent return to form on latest album from New York psychedelic band, White Hills

Wooden Shjips (2013)

Back to Land
Superb and surprisingly acoustic-influenced fourth album from psychedelic San Francisco-based band, Wooden Shjips

Zincs (2005)

Witty, accomplished second album from the Zincs, who are fronted by Chicago-based Englishman James Elkington

Zincs (2007)

Black Pompadour
Airy sounding, but late night third album from the Zincs, the project of former Elevate and Sophia guitarist and now Chicago-based Englishman James Elkington

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