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Tenor Vossa


Breathless (2012)

Green to Blue
Mournfully beautiful and ambitious double album from London-based outfit Breathless, the band of Dominic Appleton who first drew public attention with This Mortal Coil in the mid-1980s

Moly (2003)

Expressing Contempt, Scorn Or Disgrace
Brooding, competent, but over Mogwai-fixated debut EP from new British post-rock group, Moly

Moly (2003)

Your Life In In Danger
"Inspirational" and "original sounding" entirely instrumental debut album from British post-rockers, Moly

Moly (2004)

It Rained, But We Cheered
Third release from Guildford post-rock group and recent Pennyblackmusic Bands night stars, which proves to be their finest recording to date

Moly (2006)

Hello Shut Up
Appealing, largely instrumental third album from Guildford-based post rockers, Moly

Tenebrous Liar (2008)

Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand
Discordant and grinding second album from Tenebrous Liar, the project of music photographer Steve Gullick, which while cacophinic and often grim in sound, proves not totally without worth

Tenebrous Liar (2012)

End of the Road
Overwhelmingly nihilistic and brutal, but strangely riveting seventh album from hardcore act Tenebrous Liar, the band of acclaimed rock photographer Steve Gullick

Various (2007)

Splendour and Misery
Diverse, often excellent two CD sampler from London-based label Tenor Vossa, best known for its post rock but which also incorporates on this indie rock and alt country


Interview (2003)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Up-and-coming post-rock label Tenor Vossa already has three acts on its roster and is rapidly expanding. Owners Ari and Dominic tell how looking for a label for their own band, Breathless, lead them onto greater things

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