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Sickroom Collective


Bearsuit (2002)

Stop What You're Doing What Your Doing Is Wrong
"Compulsive energetic pop " on third single from Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2002)

"Astounding' guitar feedback laden second single from the unpredictable and always thrilling Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2001)

Hey Charlie Hey Chuck
Magoo run their own studio and label in East Anglia and Bearsuit their most talented pupils are causing a bit of a storm right now. 'Hey Charlie Hey Chuck' has been aired by John Peel already a few t

Little Japanese Toy (2002)

Little Boy
Deliberately confusing debut single from Wakefiled group, which has "echoes of the Flaming Lips, Wedding Present and Beach Boys"


Interview with Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson

Norwich's the Sickroom Gramophone Collective has met with major success with Bearsuit and is one of the up-and-coming labels in Britain. Owners Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson talk to Gary Wollen about its spectacular rise

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