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Play It Again Sam


Agnes Obel (2010)

Understated and autumnal debut album from Danish pianist and singer-songwriter, Agnes Obel

Airship (2011)

Stuck in This Ocean
Fantastic indie rock on slow-burning and atmospheric debut album from Manchester-based band, Airship

Bettie Serveert (2003)

Log 22
Excellent latest album from long-serving Dutch group Bettie Serveert, who, while remaining something of a well kept secret, musically slot "somewhere between...the Walkabouts, Kristin Hersch and the Velvet Underground"

Dinosaur Jr (2009)

Over It
Superb latest combeack single from grunge veterans, Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr (2009)

Impassioned latest single, the second from their ninth studio album for influential alternative rockers, Dinosaur Jr

Drive By Truckers (2010)

The Big To-Do
Excellent tenth album of guitar riock and continued return to form from Drive-By Truckers, which while more convenntional than some of their othe recent offerings is equally rewarding

Editors (2015)

In Dream
Acclaimed UK indie rockers Editors return with fifth LP which sees them bring more of an electronic edge to their sound with mixed results

Editors (2013)

The Weight of Your Love
Anthemic fourth album from Editors, which takes a rip-roaring but unflinchingly raw and intense look at an emotionally devastating love affair

Epstein (2013)

Instantly infectious and irresistible folk pop on second album from Oxford-based quintet, the Epstein

Ghostpoet (2013)

Some Say I So I Say Light
Uncategorisble, but excellent second album from Mercury Prize winner Ghostpoet, the nom de plume for British singer and producer Obaro Ejimiwe

Gold Chains (2003)

Young Miss America
Astonishingly "innovative hip-hop debut from Pennyslvanian rapper, Goldchains, which also takes in elements of 80's electronica, new wave, early house and funk

Harper Simon (2010)

Harper Simon
Magical and brilliant self-titled debut album from Harper Simon, the son of Paul Simon

Hickey Underworld (2012)

I'm Under the House I'm Dying
Odd, yet catchy alternative rock on second album from Belgium-based band, the Hickey Underworld

Hyperpotamus (2012)

Distinctive and unique vocal-only second album from Hyperpotamus, the project of Spanish-born but now London-based musician Jorge Ramirez-Escudero

Jezabels (2014)

The Brink
Brooding indie rock on second album from Australian power pop band, the Jezabels

Jim Jones Revue (2010)

Burning Your House Down
Unashamedly retro, but captivating second studio album from London-based rock and roll band, the Jim Jones Revue

Joan as Police Woman (2011)

The Deep Field
Fragmented, yet often powerful third album from Joan as Police Woman, which proves to be a marked improvement on her disappointing second album, 'To Survive'

Liz Green (2012)

O Devotion!
Introverted and reflective, but ambitious long awaited debut album from Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition Liz Green, which mixes together jazz, blues and folk influences

Lykke Li (2022)

Intimate and minimalist yet cinematic fifth album from Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li

Madvillain (2004)

"Daring and progressive" debut album from Madvillian, which pushes the hip-hop and electronica genres to new limits

Millionaire (2005)

Appealing hard rock from Belgian group Millionaire, which draws comparision with Queens of the Stone Age and and provides an engaging take on post-Sabbath art-rock

Mogwai (2006)

Zidane : A 21st Century Soundtrack
Haunting post rock from Mogwai, a soundtrack to an experimental art house film

Morcheeba (2010)

Blood Like Lemonade
Fantastic combination of blues, trip hop and country rock on sixth album from pionnering London act Morcheeba, which sees the return to lead vocals after an absence of seven years of Skye Edwards

Other Lives (2011)

Tamer Animals
Thought-provoking and complex orchestral rock on latest album from National touring mates and Oklahama-based group, Other Lives

Peven Everett (2002)

Studio Confessions
Finely arranged West coast hiphop, with elements of jazz and soul ,from Berkeley School of music graduate, Peven Everett

Texas and Spooner Oldham (2024)

The Muscle Shoals Sessions
Stripped down but impressive joint album between Glasgow band Texas and veteran keyboardist Spooner Oldham

Troublemakers (2003)

Doubts And Convictions
Diverse and exhilarating electronica on welcome re-release of Marseille trio Troublemakers' debut album, which takes its inspiration from funk, hip-hop, jazz ,and Blaxploitation

Young Gods (2007)

Super Ready/Fragmente
Confident and self-assured first album in seven years from seminal old-school industrial Swiss group the Young Gods, which still finds them on the cutting edge in its innovation and originality

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