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Hickey Underworld - I'm Under the House I'm Dying

  by Paul Waller

published: 14 / 11 / 2012

Hickey Underworld - I'm Under the House I'm Dying
Label: Play It Again Sam
Format: CD


Odd, yet catchy alternative rock on second album from Belgium-based band, the Hickey Underworld

'I’m Under the House, I’m Dying' is a fine sophomore album indeed, even though the influences are obvious and the guitar noise shtick is nothing new there is a definite oddness throughout. Perhaps its due to the band hailing from Belgium, maybe it’s because the quartet were formed in the wrong century, but it’s an off-kilter feeling that you can’t put your finger on. Just look at the front cover! It’s really weird, a human monkey face being offered drinks from every direction. What does it all mean? And yet listening to the record isn’t uneasy. It is not a grower. The Hickey Underworld provide the goods instantly. Catchy choruses like these haven’t been so predominant on an alternative (do people still say that) record since the release of 'In Utero'. Listening to the likes of the title track and 'Year of the Rat' you can feel nothing but sheer joy in the fact that a band can sound this much like early Muse and still sound like they have their finger on the pulse of modern rock music. Sometimes the grungier songs such as 'Whilstling' only survive a critical bashing because of the earthy production. I had enough of Stone Temple Pilots back in the 90’s thanks, and I don’t want to relive their career no matter how good your choruses are. Still, on the whole that’s as close to a panning that this band deserves. To the uninitiated I would heartily recommend a viewing of the band's video for the track 'The Frog'. You will know after the first minute whether you will love the band’s music or hate it. It’s that easy. Also it’s one of the videos of the year. So either way with the Hickey Underworld it’s win win.

Track Listing:-
1 Untitled
2 Whistling
3 Year Of The Rat
4 Thierry
5 The Frog
6 Cold Embrace
7 Martian's Cave
8 Overfiend
9 Pure Hearts In Mud
10 Space Barrio
11 I'm Under The House, I'm Dying

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