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Kill Rock Stars


Decemberists (2004)

Billy Liar
Excellent new EP from Portland, Oregon indiepopsters the Decemberists, which while we wait for their forthcoming next album which is due out next year , treats us two previously released songs and also two new outtakes

Filthy Friends (2017)

Fantastic debut album from unlikely super group Filthy Friends which has members from R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney, King Crimson, Young Fresh Fellows and Fastbacks

Filthy Friends (2019)

Emerald Valley
Passionate second album from Oregon-based Filthy Friends counts the cost of human and environmental exploitation

Grass Widow (2010)

Past Time
Harmonic lo-fi girl pop on compelling debut album from San Francisco-based band Grass Widow, which has a dark undercurrent

Horse Feathers (2010)

Thistled Spring
Urgent-sounding indie-folk on third album from acclaimed American act Horse Feathers, which with former front man Peter Broderick now having branched out into a solo career finds the group continuing to blossom with singer-songwriter Justin Ringle as lead singer

Horse Feathers (2018)

Fantastic sixth and potential breakthrough album for indie folk/country act Horse Feathers

Jeff Hanson (2003)

Impressive and largely acoustic debut album from mellow-voiced former choirboy, Jeff Hanson, which is reminiscent of Nick Drake, Gene Clark, Elliott Smith and the Pernice Brothers

John Wilkes Booze (2004)

Five Pillars Of Soul
Uncompromising debut album originally released as a series of five limited five EPs, from Indiana garage act John Wilkes Booze, who also have a strong sense of mischeviousness

Marnie Stern (2013)

The Chronicles of Marnia
Innovative fourth album from New York-based guitarist and songwriter Marnie Stern, which sounds like a superior version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Numbers (2005)

We're Animals
Fantastic punk funk, released on cooler than thou label Kill Rock Stars, from San Francisco three piece Numbers

Panther (2008)

14KT God
Intriguing second album from eccentric duo Panther, which, while occasionally missing the mark, matches David Byrne in zaniness at its best

Shaky Hands (2009)

Let it Die
Forceful fourth album from 60's-influenced Portland, Oregon-based band, Shaky Hands

Shoplifting (2004)

Instantly classic lo-fi punk from Seattle four-piece Shoplifting, whose debut EP sounds "like a wild cross between Sonic Youth, the Jesus Lizard and the two Liars albums"

Sleater kinney (2002)

One Beat
"Explosive", confident post 9-11 sixth album from popular Portland, Oregon all girl trio, Sleater Kinney

Wrangler Brutes (2005)

Entertaining, but ultimate shallow Steve Albini-produced thrash metal from new American group, the Wrangler Brutes

Xiu Xiu (2008)

Women as Lovers
Menacing and near psychotic, but compelling eighth album from Xiu Xiu, the project of avant garde musician Jamie Stewart.

Xiu Xiu (2010)

Dear God I Hate Myself
Challenging and eccentric, but ultimately fulfilling latest album from Californian experimentalists and avanat-garde pioneers, Xiu Xiu



Slumber Party
Interview Slumber Party - Interview

Detroit based all girl group Slumber Party have two albums out on the Kill Rock Stars label and play a Velvets style of form of laid back rock guitar music. Anthony Strutt meets with them backstage at a London gig to talk about their recent British tour

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