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Grass Widow - Past Time

  by Paul Waller

published: 11 / 10 / 2010

Grass Widow - Past Time
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Format: CD


Harmonic lo-fi girl pop on compelling debut album from San Francisco-based band Grass Widow, which has a dark undercurrent

As per usual Kill Rock Stars has produced another lo-fi gem here. San Francisco trio Grass Widow have a really early Sleater-Kinney feel. Scratch the surface though and the likes of Kleenex/LiLiput and late seventies Ameri-punk and new wave shine through. There are ten tracks here of bass heavy lo-fi girl pop that leaves the listener feeling a little ruffled if truth be told. The melodies of 'Strangers Come' are sweet enough but within the lyrics there lurks a menace that is sprinkled throughout 'Past Time'. The addition of strings in 'Give Me Shapes' adds yet another flavour that I hope the group explore on future releases; it breaks up the sometime acute arrangements and rhythms that some might find too harsh for a rewarding listen. Where the group really excels though is in their vocals. When all three members (Hannah Lew, Raven Mahon and Lillian Maring) combine their voices, it’s a treat, not quite as cutting as the Shangri-La’s or as affecting as Fleet Foxes but the Grass Widow harmonies have their own distinct, raw charm. Check out 'Fried Egg' for proof, its great stuff. It left me wanting to listen again and again and to achieve that sort of feat in today’s shuffle happy times is something special indeed.

Track Listing:-
1 Uncertain Memory
2 Shadow
3 11 Of Diamonds
4 Give Me Shapes
5 Old Disguise
6 Fried Egg
7 Landscape
8 Submarine
9 Strangers Come
10 Tuesday

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