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John Wilkes Booze - Five Pillars Of Soul

  by Jon Rogers

published: 12 / 4 / 2004

John Wilkes Booze - Five Pillars Of Soul
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Format: CD


Uncompromising debut album originally released as a series of five limited five EPs, from Indiana garage act John Wilkes Booze, who also have a strong sense of mischeviousness

Hailing from Indiana, this self-styled "premier R&B band" obviously have a mischevious streak in themselves - mixing up a presidential assassin with a slang term for alcohol. In the current conservative hysterical mood of the US media after Janet Jackson exposed her breast during the Super Bowl coverage, the band aren't perhaps aiming to appear on 'The David Letterman Show'. Which is all the better for us. The band play a pounding version of R&B as if their free jazz hero Albert Ayler had teamed up with the MC5. Their sound is monumental, in a grubby, fucked-up sort of way and oozing garage soul. 'Five Pillars of Soul' comprises their previous limited edition CDs which had the same name and were effectively tributes to some of their heroes: Ayler, Tania (aka Patti) Hearst, Marc Bolan, Melvin van Peebles and Yoko Ono. Plus the inlay card comes with an essay advocating why the band like these particular figures. It all pounds and bounces along with an old-fashioned rock 'n' roll heart but still isn't afraid to knock out a bit of avant-garde experimentation and some jazzy squealing and squawking along the way. As if Captain Beefheart's Magic Band had started jamming with Devo. This compilation thunders along unashamedly. Best of the lot though has to be 'Marc Bolan Makes Me Want to Fuck' simply for the title alone.

Track Listing:-
1 Sweetback's Gonna Make It
2 See Through Sound
3 Butcher's Tale
4 White Guilt
5 Marc Bolan Makes Me Want to Fuck pt. II
6 Watch Out
7 They Don't Like Me in This Town/Carpe Diem
8 People's Songbook
9 Academy Flight Song
10 Yoko Save Rock 'n' Roll
11 Meanwhile, At the Hideout
12 Spotlight
13 Until Your Head is Gone

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