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3 Mile Pilot (2001)

Songs For An Old Town
San Diego's hardest hitters, Three Mile Pilot, offer up another winner with 'Songs from an Old Town We Once Knew'. An absolutely stunning package of 7" singles and unreleased material that plainly sho

Daddys Hands (2001)

What a strange record! It could probably be described as slightly avant-garde, except it doesn’t really seem to have much of an intellectual angle. Daddy's Hands certainly seem to have had some fun

Firebird Band (2001)

The Drive
Once considered the side project of Braid's Christopher Broach and Pilots in Hiatus' Andy Hawthorne, The Firebird Band have now become a much more serious band, and 'The Drive' showcases just how grea

Forever Goldrush (2001)

Halo In My Backpack
Based in Sacramento, California, Forever Goldrush take their name from the events that occurred so famously in that region some century and a half ago. Although together for little more than 3 years,

Rydell (2001)

Per Adrua Ad Astra
When I think of hardcore punk I think of loud, fast and simplistic music from labels such as Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords. A lot of people hate this stuff and, despite being a fan of NOFX, Terrorgrupp

Silo the Huskie (2001)

Silo the Huskie
Out of San Diego-based label Cargo Records/Headhunter comes Silo the Huskie, from Columbus, Ohio. Neil Young meets Built to Spill is the best way I can think to describe their sound, but their music

Sit N Spin (2001)

Enjoy The Ride
Sit 'n' Spin is a rather strange name for a band, especially this one. After glancing at the picture of the four band members on the sleeve posing with guitars and pointing them like guns, I put 'Enjo

Speedbuggy USA (2001)

Cowboys And Aliens
Speedbuggy provide a blend of country and punk from the outset, which, fused perfectly together, forms an alternative genre that can only be described as 'country punk'. This third album follows

Verna Cannon (2001)

Movie Star Faces
Formed in 1996, The Verna Cannon hail from Columbia, South Carolina. 'Movie Star Faces' is the band's second album and follows their debut, released in 1998. Musically The Verna Cannon explore pred

X-impossibles (2001)

White Knuckle Ride
Kickin’ off with a sample of turbo-charged drag racing, the X-Impossibles boldly titled debut, produced by former Sugar bass player, Dave Barbe, spits, snarls and swaggers in equal measure, but probab

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