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Headlining are Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) With support from Hector Gannet And Andy Thompson
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Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

  by Philamonjaro

published: 8 / 3 / 2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

The show started like a body-blow as Ranking Jnr sprinted onto the stage. He was the epitome of ska, bouncing about and working up the audience. The shouts of “rude boy, rude girl” call-n-response and his singing quickly rallied everyone into a skankin’ frenzy. The first number ‘Whine and Grine/Stand Down Margaret’ started at ten and the energy never let up. In today’s world this song is a shorthand reminder. While everything changes, everything is the same. Originally recorded in 1980, the blunt plea to then PM Margaret Thatcher is wrapped into a catchy chorus and biting verses that confront her cold-hearted policies. “I said I see no joy/I see only sorry/ I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow/So stand down Margaret/Stand down please”. Today we can swap her name with any number of so-called leaders. Political commentary was always a core part of the band. Next in the set was ‘Too Nice To Talk Too’. It is a tune a bit less familiar to more casual fans as it was released in 1981 as a non-album single and later on a greatest hits. For the diehards, it was a real treat to hear live. The fast tempo, disco bass and melody were all catchy. Patterning Rankin’ Roger’s unique Jamaican toasting style, Ranking Jnr faithfully honoured his father, The resemblance is uncanny in all aspects; his voice, cadence, physique, mannerisms, vigour and style. Ranking Jnr and his bandmatess - guitarist Neil Deathrigde, bassist James Crossdale, drummer Jeep MacNichol, and sax:player Mark ‘Chico’ Hamilton - revived the original sound quite well. Most of the set list was material from The Beat’s debut ‘I Can’t Stop It’ album: ‘Rough Rider’, ‘Twist and Crawl’, ‘Noise in This World’, ‘Hand Off She’s Mine’ and ‘Ranking Full Stop’. Newer material was the exception yet well received. Ranking Jnr took a moment to honour his father while introducing the next song. “I’d like to talk to you about one special rude boy.” He proceeded to dedicate the next song to his father: “On March 26 2019 we all lost a very, very special man, my father Rankin’ Roger. He was not only my father, but my best friend, mentor and taught me everything about life and music. One thing I promised before he passed away. I would carry his flag for the both of us.” ‘Carry The Flag’ was penned soon after Roger’s passing, Ranking Jnr’s masterfully captures his toasting and fast dub style on this number. The other newer songs included ‘Think Twice’, ‘My Dream’, and ‘Side by Side’ from the 2016 Beat release ‘Bounce’. ‘Oy You’ and ‘Control’ are Ranking Jnr originals, both pointing out a lockdown rage towards political hypocrisy. They closed with ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’ and followed with set-standard ‘Jackpot’ as the encore. A perfect ending to the night. Quite the high note. “I'm sorry to say but I'm on my way/I won't be back for many a-day/Say goodbye everybody” – ‘Jackpot’ Currently the only original member performing these days is co-founder and principal songwriter Dave Wakeling, who continues to play under the banner of The English Beat in the States. In the UK., Rankin' Roger soldiered on with his own version of the band until his passing in 2019. Ranking Jnr and band demonstrated their ability to carry on since. This was not only evident, but necessary for the legacy of the music. Now, it is a new generation. A new iteration. Naysayers may complain that this isn’t the original band. No it’s not. Nothing will replace those halcyon days. But why wouldn’t we want to have this music live on? Many others such as Dweezil Zappa, Ziggy Marley, Ivan Neville, Devon Allman and more see to it that their parent’s music carries on. It was great to see this stalwart of England’s second wave ska dance craze carry on forty-five years later. Photographs by Philamonjaro

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Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr - Sala Jerusalem, Valencia, 18/2/2024

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Philamonjarp watches and photographs The Beat Featuring Ranking Jnr play an energetic set in Valencia.


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