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Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023

  by Philamonjaro

published: 19 / 1 / 2024

Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023


Philamonjaro finds The Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn making a surprisingly big sound at an acoustic solo gig at The Fun House in Madrid

Steve Wynn’s 80 minute set was enthralling. The Dream Syndicate’s front man played as if life itself depended on it. Even stripped down to a mic, acoustic guitar and a few effect pedals, he produces a big sound and a love-bomb of creative energy towards his audience. Fans were raucously engaged. He attacks his guitar with raw power and delivers songs with boundless energy. Yet he wasn’t over-the-top. Mellower songs like ‘When You Smile’ had dynamic range while maintaining an emotional intensity. The set opened with a couple of Dream Syndicate songs /Out of the Grey’ and ‘The Medicine Show’. By mid-set he bounced into ‘Carolyn’ from his 1990 solo debut ‘The Kerosene Man’. Even rousing a group chorus singing along. The angular solo song ‘Shelley Blues Part 2’ really rocked as he built momentum before exploding into the punkish chorus. The best moment was an irresistible bada-da-bada-bop-bop-bada vocal-ease. The Dream Syndicate's classic ‘The Days Of Wine And Roses’ stirred the crowd into a loud response as expected. But his solo songs, like the hard-driving ‘Southern California Line’, were equally received as was his whole repertoire. Of particular note was Wynn’s wildly intense, turbo-charged guitar strumming that brought ‘Southern California Line’ to a frenzied crescendo. His power strumming resurfaced over and again as a signature sound. When asked after the show about his aggressive acoustic guitar playing, he replied without pause, “Well, I am a punk at heart”. Wynn's ease on stage is personable. After a false start looping guitar riffs on ‘Tell Me When It's Over’, he started the song again. No embarrassment. Just enthusiastically determined to get it right. This brief mishap was a disarming moment of honesty with fans. Like friends hanging out. Being real and relatable. His banter between songs was in Spanish. Something fans further appreciated. One encore was an unexpected treat. Wynn’s opening act, Spanish native Germán Salto joined him to sing REM’s classic ‘The One I Love’. All said, it's worth making a point to see him solo if you get a chance. Set List: Out Of The Grey The Medicine Show Tuesday That’s What You Always Say Sweetness and Light Filter Me Through You Carolyn Journeyman Southern California Line When You Smile Tell Me When It's Over Shelley Blues Part 2 Glide Boston The Days Of Wine And Roses To The One I Love

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Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023

Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023

Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023

Steve Wynn - Fun House, Madrid, 25/10/2023

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