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Harry Styles - Comment

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 20 / 3 / 2023

Harry Styles - Comment

Seven or so years ago, out of the blue, I was texted a request by the editor of a glossy national magazine to write a brief article about “H Styles”. The fleeting One Direction phenomenon having rather passed me by, I was puzzled by this commission.....why would they be asking me (hardly any great follower of fashion or hair and beauty treatments!) to write about hair styles? Fortunately, a young female photographer colleague soon put me straight, explaining patiently that Harry Styles was a huge name with the under-30s who would soon be a giant global megastar. So I hurried off to London and, after being kept waiting for an hour or more, I did the interview – closely directed by many PR assistants and other helpers of the young Harry. He seemed a pleasant lad, was polite and more articulate than some other former boy band members have been plus he had a few uncontroversial but intelligent things to say about the music business. We parted on good terms. In fact, I almost felt sorry for Harry because he seemed a nice lad who was just a little lost in a world of heavy-duty, overbearing management and flashy publicity people. - But I have to confess to having had no inkling at all of the huge success that was to follow for him! Flash forward to today - and Harry Styles, the former X-Factor contestant, is the global megastar my photographer predicted. His face adorns billboards around the world and his voice is the soundtrack for a whole generation. He has emerged as one of the most popular cultural icons on the planet and his talent show beginnings have mushroomed into a fantastic music career with high-profile forays into acting and an enviable reputation as an international heartthrob. Last year he released the UK's best-selling single (‘As It Was’) and album (‘Harry's House”’; he sold out two nights at Wembley and a further thirty nights in New York and LA. He won Album of the Year at this year's Grammys in the USA and scooped a further four awards at the Brits. Harry's transformation from boy band pin-up to respected solo artist has been amazing. Though, having seen his polished performance last year at London's Brixton Academy where his faithful audience sang along to every word, it all started to make more sense. He has good musical credentials, a supple singing voice and irrepressibly catchy songs – all performed with superb instrumental support, polished arrangements and great stage effects. After his relatively saccharine years with One Direction, some hardened music critics may well still be scornful. But the fact is that Styles is now a consummate professional with a winning blend of star quality, talent and approachable charm. His two main musical collaborators are writer-producers Tom Hull and Tyler Johnson and they have been crucial in moulding Harry's recent success. Tom Hull – as Kid Harpoon – was an aspiring solo artist on the London indie scene before starting his own hugely successful career writing for others whilst Tyler Johnson, a much esteemed American multi-instrumentalist, has played a key part in the past working with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and many more top names. Today, Harry Styles has an estimated fortune of £100million and priceless works of modern art hanging on the walls of his lavish homes in Hampstead, North London and New York and Los Angeles - where he garages his large collection of gleaming classic cars. As a birthday gift, Harry has bought his mother Anne a big house near Holmes Chapel, the Cheshire village where he was raised. It is surrounded by parkland and has state-of-the-art security. His mother remains Harry's biggest fan and staunchest defender. She must be incredibly proud of 29 year-old Harry as he bestrides the world of pop like a colossus. He is a home-grown all-British success story and doubtless should have many years and millions of record sales ahead of him!

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Harry Styles - Comment

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