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Garnetts - (With Peak Low), Jacaranda, Liverpool, 23/3/2022

  by Richard Lewis

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Garnetts - (With Peak Low), Jacaranda, Liverpool, 23/3/2022

Two years on from live music understandably being curtailed, signs that things have finally returned to normal sees no restrictions in place for a trip to one of Liverpool’s most storied establishments. Down into the basement area live space of the Jacaranda, a decent turn out assembles for alt. rock types Peak Low. Reminiscent of 'The Bends'-era Radiohead, the sound mix early on renders the bass guitar sounding less like an instrument, more an earth moving device. With the bottom end improving, Peak Low’s guitar textures begin to shine through. The finest moment arrives last as a lengthy cut building from an agitated New Wave era Police-style guitar riff and patterning hi-hat is supplemented with chilly OMD synths. The crowd number peaks as headliners The Garnetts take to the low-ceilinged stage and recent setlist addition ‘Fooling’ kicks off their slot. Back on live duties as soon as pandemic restrictions were lifted, the quartet’s recent rotations round the gig circuit has clearly improved their confidence. The group’s West Coast harmonies and guitar shimmer showcase a developing sense of focus and looseness which allows the likes of ‘Sarah’ and ‘Something Between Us’ to sashay along with supreme ease. The familial vocals and chiming baroque guitars of Ben and Jake Jones form the principal element of the Garnetts’ sound alongside the thwack and strum of their rhythm section. The five string manoeuvres of bassist Chris Cannon are given ample room while behind the drumkit Jacob Naylor keeps things in check throughout. The time spent in the practice room during the enforced live layoff has been well spent, spawning another new-born, ‘Jealous’. Standard set list closer ‘Don’t Want You For The Night’ is essayed in an extended take, bringing proceedings at the legendary locale to a close.

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Garnetts - (With Peak Low), Jacaranda, Liverpool, 23/3/2022

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Richard Lewis reviews Liverpool alt. rock quartet The Garnetts live on home turf at the legendary Jacaranda in Liverpool, supported by indie rockers Peak Low.

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