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Aruba Red - Profile

  by Zena Grieg

published: 23 / 2 / 2020

Aruba Red - Profile


Zena Grieg examines a new song and video from Jack Bruce's daughter Aruba Red, which reflects on her own journey and battle with depression.

Since 2005 the third Monday in January has been known as ‘Blue Monday’, when many people feel at their lowest point. This is when the dynamic singer-songwriter Aruba Red (after a famous female pirate), daughter of Cream’s Jack Bruce, premiered a video of her song ‘Blue’ on YouTube. Aruba Red prides herself on being a rebellious artist, speaking out against consumerism, war, globalisation and traditional power structures. She has described her work as "Alternative Soul music centred around themes of transformation and healing, influenced by trip-hop, minimalist electronica glitch, soul, acoustic folk and dub." On March 11 she has a debut headline show at St. Pancras Old Church, London (tickets from https://arubared.eventbrite.co.uk/), showcasing her new EP ‘Shadow Work’. She is also currently writing an autobiographical one-woman show featuring her own songs. This multi-talented artist has also appeared on a BBC Music Introducing Live about mental health in the music industry, and on the Elevate Music Podcast, discussing inter-generational patterns around addiction and co-dependency. In ‘Blue’ Aruba Red depicts her own journey and battle with depression. In the video she wears her actual wedding dress, now dyed blue, symbolising the letting go of a relationship which exacerbated her struggle with mental health. The lyrics describe the journey through the different stages of depression, mental trauma, anxiety, loss and grief and ultimately where it can lead. ‘Blue’ changes something personal and painful into a shared and transformative experience. Despite the subject matter, there is a very positive feel to this latest work by Aruba Red.

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