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Bradford - Interview

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 16 / 7 / 2018

Bradford - Interview


Dixie Ernill chats to Morrissey's favourite band of the late 1980s Bradford about their recent reformation and their forthcoming first gig in Manchester in twenty-five years.

Despite being best remembered as the band who wrote the track ‘Skin Storm’ that Morrissey covered as the B-side to his single ‘Pregnant for the Last Time;’, Bradford were and still are a brilliant band in their own right. Contrary to the name they are based in Blackburn, Lancashire and after a hiatus of circa twenty-five years they have resurfaced on the back of a wonderful compilation album of their early material, ‘Thirty Years of Shouting Quietly’, released recently through German label A Turntable Friend. They are playing in Manchester at Gullivers on Friday 20th July as main support to Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans (another veteran of the 80’s and 90’s indie scene) and Dixie Ernill caught up with guitarist Ewan Butler to fill in the blanks: PB: It's great to have you back, but the obvious first question is how did the reformation come about? EWAN BUTLER: Ian and I have remained good mates since the band folded back in 91/92. Ian had not long since returned to doing solo work again and was invited to support Glenn Tilbrook at Blackburn museum back in 2016. He asked me if I’d like to join him for a couple of numbers. The performance was received surprisingly well and we were moved by the affection and high regard that people still held for the band after all these years. I think it also re-emphasised how well Ian and I work together. In 2017 we were approached by the German label Turntable Friend Records with the proposition of releasing a compilation work; it has just gathered momentum since then really. We now have a bass player and drummer in the fold. PB: The compilation album has loads of excellent previously unreleased tracks in addition to your classic debut album ‘Shouting Quietly’ and associated singles. How well has it been received? EB: We’ve been overwhelmed with the response from old and newcomers to the music. It has been a considerable length of time that has passed but it is the greatest compliment knowing that the music we made touched people to the extent it did. And that it has been accessible to listeners new to Bradford has given us great inspiration and motivation. PB: I believe that you have been working on some new material. How is that going and when is it likely to see the light of day? EB: We are very excited by the way things are progressing. The new material has undoubtedly evolved from ‘Shouting Quietly’ as we both have as people, but that theme of honesty, sincerity and great melody remains. Ian is such a talented and prolific song writer and we have both grown musically and spiritually so there is a great deal of enthusiasm for this next album. We expect the new record will be out some time 2019 but will keep people posted on that. PB: You've played a couple of comeback gigs so far that i have been lucky enough to witness, but your gig at Gullivers in Manchester on the 20th July will be your first in Manchester for over twenty-five years. do you have any happy memories/anecdotes from previous gigs there? EB: Yes. Playing the University and Morrissey showing up and helping us load in our gear before the show. Also, support to Joe Strummer and jamming songs back stage with him, me playing his famous Telecaster. Ian also loves to recount that he noted he was wearing purple Y fronts when getting changed, shattering some preconceptions of cool Ian had of him. I had far too much respect to look but why not purple Y fronts? He was Joe Strummer, the guv’nor! PB: You were lucky enough to support Morrissey on his infamous first solo gig in Wolverhampton. What are your memories of that night? EB: The immense feeling of love that encapsulated everyone; a very unique moment was shared by those present. I watched Morrissey’s set from the monitor desk stage left with my camera. Couldn’t have got any closer without being a part of the band! PB: Finally, with the current political climate having some similarities to the 1980s are you still as motivated as you were back then or have you mellowed? EB: I still feel as passionate as I did then as the lack of social justice has only become starker. It has been the source of much contemplation throughout my life but I have tried to be a decent caring human being which I recognise is a difficult path to tread sometimes. PB: Thank you. Bradford will be supporting Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans at Gullivers in Manchester on Friday 20th July.

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Bradford - Interview

Bradford - Interview

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874 Posted By: Peter Watson, Manchester on 11 Aug 2018
Would be interested to know why 60% of the band are not involved in this resurgence? What are they up to these days?

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