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In Isolation - Chameleon, Nottingham, 9/4/2016

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 16 / 6 / 2016

In Isolation - Chameleon, Nottingham, 9/4/2016


Dave Goodwin watches new wave indie band In Isolation play an excellent home town show to launch their debut album, 'A Certain Fractal Light', at the Chameleon in their home city of Nottingham

To tie in with the album launch of their debut album, 'A Certain Fractal Light', Nottingham's In Isolation play the Chameleon Arts Cafe just off the Market Square in the heart of the city. The trio of Ryan Swift (vocals, guitars), John Berry (guitars) and Tony Ghost (drums) and style themselves on a mix of bands and artists such as Editors, the Cure, Bloc Party, Roxy Music and David Bowie, They are heavily influenced, as you would expect, by the more underground post-punk sounds of the 80s plus other choice New Wave artists of that era, but they also drift a little further into the Millennium adding influences from the angled indie sounds of the Noughties and post-Noughties. The Chameleon, which renowned for being a tad on the dark side, is this time lit in glorious technicolour which makes it easier for photographs. They have been doing a little more tidying up and improvements here too since the last time I was here. The small but adequate upstairs room is a little neater and the toilets have been upgraded. The climb up the stairs is still the same . It is warm up there too as usual. There are a couple of impressive local acts, Diablo Furs and Prime, who play first. They give a good account of themselves but the room starts to get packed when the headliners hit the stage with 'Parlance', the opening track on the album. Dressed all in black - black shirts and black jackets with trousers - they look the part and when they strike up they certainly sound the part too. There is little wonder that In Isolation are starting to pick up a bit of interest. Their sound is far beyond the sound of a debut album. In Isolation have written all the tracks themselves too, and it is clear they are well practiced. Swift's vocals have power and direction and complimented by Berry and the frantic beatings of Ghost behind they are a sound to savour. They race though a couple more tracks from the album and slide in one not from the album, 'Film Noir Scandal' before blasting out a brilliant cover of the Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'. In Isolation crack through the rest of the album tracks, adding 'Tears' and ending with 'The Wrong Girl'. Photos by Dave Goodwin http://www.davegoodwinimages.com

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In Isolation - Chameleon, Nottingham, 9/4/2016

In Isolation - Chameleon, Nottingham, 9/4/2016

In Isolation - Chameleon, Nottingham, 9/4/2016

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A Certain Fractal Light (2016)
Impressive debut album from Nottingham's In Isolation which draws comparisons to Editors and an array of 80's influences

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