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Max Richter - Berlin By Overnight

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 12 / 2014

Max Richter - Berlin By Overnight
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Format: 12"


Exquisite 12 inch vinyl only EP of four remixes by anonymous DJs/producers of 2008 track by Scottish composer, Max Richter

On immaculate vinyl, moreover vinyl in a polybag inner sleeve to please the cautious and careful DJ of today, comes a new EP of remixes for Max Richter's 'Berlin by Overnight'. It appeared originally as a track on Richter's recording, '24 Postcards', and was re-used on Daniel Hope's 'Spheres' album. A newly recurring debate on the merits of Richter's label Deutsche Grammophon - the label was dismissed by 'Wire' magazine recently, with Philip Clark calling Max Richter a have-a-go composer - lead to four DJ/ producers being invited to produce remixes of 'Berlin by Overnight'. Each probably used brand new aliases for contractual reasons, I reckon. One such moniker would be CFCF; with his dreamy delivery of beats and hypnotism. Staying true to the bellowing suspense found on the mere 90 seconds of the original track, the energetic Efdemin remix expands over the course of seven minutes into rather wild, though still elegantly mild, extravaganza. Goodbye to the clubhouse plus techno of side A. Let's flip over this 33 RPM EP slab of übervinyl. Lorna Dune's remix on Side B goes very deep, but always sticks to the lead provided by Daniel Hope's violin playing. Genuinely glitchy clicks and cuts have been saved to last; as the Tom Adams remix sums up the beauty of the original whilst adding an exquisite variation plus a bit of bombast, it must be said. Deutsche Grammophon is perhaps the world's most renowned label for classical music, but today it also represents the music of Max Richter. A few years ago, this Berlin label started to again put out music on vinyl. Embracing the likes of one Max Richter, and granting him remix 12 inch records, is highly promising. We may face decades of remix Richter culture next. A Burial remix for one of the '24 Postcards' remains at the top spot of my wish list.

Track Listing:-
1 Berlin By Overnight
2 Berlin By Overnight (Cfcf Remix)
3 Berlin By Overnight (Efdemin Remix)
4 Berlin By Overnight (Lorna Dune Remix)
5 Berlin By Overnight (Tom Adams Remix)

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