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Max Richter - Songs from Before

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 11 / 11 / 2006

Max Richter - Songs from Before
Label: Fat Cat Records
Format: CD


Pleasurable yet uninspired second album of imaginary flim music from Dresden-born, but now Scottish-based composer, Max Richter

The Dresden, Germany born Max Richter, who by way of Scotland has gone on to become a promising composer, proposes his second film score that comes without a movie. My main objection to 'Songs From Before' then remains one of regret over the absence of protagonists in Richter's semi-dramatic compositions. Usually short albums please me most yet 'Songs From Before', however, has some flaws. Akin to the works of Michael Nyman, Richter likes his string players to use short strikes, thus building a snappy sound in his compositions that otherwise are comforting in their contemplation. Since Richter has flirted with dance music, and incorporates brief moments of electronica and glitches, and has included narratives before, 'Songs From Before' should be deemed to be compared to his grand predecessor 'The Blue Notebooks' and should also be deemed as a pleasurable yet uninspired repeat. The performance is a little too hastily done. You cannot help having the feeling that some parts and acts for this mini-symphony were left out by accident. 'Songs From Before' is not the best album to begin with on your mission to get to hear the music of Max Richter. You won't be disappointed having bought this album after hearing 'The Blue Notebooks' first. Rated 7/10 on the scale of Richter.

Track Listing:-
1 Richter: Song
2 Richter: Flowers For Yulia
3 Richter: Fragment
4 Richter: Harmonium
5 Richter: Ionosphere
6 Richter: Autumn Music 1
7 Richter: Time Passing
8 Richter: Sunlight
9 Richter: Lullaby
10 Richter: Autumn Music 2
11 Richter: Verses
12 Richter: From The Rue Vilin
13 Richter: Leo (Bonus Track)

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