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Miscellaneous - Mudkiss Photography

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published: 9 / 7 / 2014

Miscellaneous - Mudkiss Photography


Our Website of the Month is Mudkiss Photography, the photography website of regular Pennyblackmusic contributor and former Mudkiss Fanzine editor, Melanie Smith

"Melanie Smith’s work is up there with the very best of them; deftly nailing the two crucial things a live show shoot should do in spades, seizing a pivotal, defining moment, and making you infuriated that you weren’t there in person" - Jay Taylor (Owner, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester). Mudkiss Photography www.mudkissphotography.co.uk is the photography website of regular Pennyblackmusic contributor and former Mudkiss Fanzine editor, Melanie Smith. "I've always taken photos since I was about 16," she recalls. "My first band photo was of Slaughter and the Dogs in 1977, at the age of 17, taken on one of those crappy cameras with a pop on disposable flash that nearly burnt your eyes out." Melanie formed the highly acclaimed on-line music magazine Mudkiss www.mudkiss.com in 2008, which focused on music from the punk and alternative sector. She began to take photographs for it to supplement its interviews and live reviews. "I think I have only felt able to call myself a photographer since about 2010-2011," says Melanie who is self-taught. "It's when I upped my camera gear and after I had learnt a lot of stuff along the way. I feel I've earned my stripes in the pit now and can master most situations, even the dreaded low light scenarios. It helps to have the professional gear, of course, and knowledge about composition and manual camera setting." After five years, Melanie decided to wind down Mudkiss Fanzine to focus on her photography and also to leave herself more time for other pursuits. She has since then divided her time between Pennyblackmusic and the other online magazine Louder Than War www.louderthanwar.com, and also provides photos for photographic agencies. There have in recent months been band portrait shoots. She has been involved in album artwork, and she has ha d her photos published in The Manchester Evening News, NME and The Mirror. Her photos have been used previously in print publications including The Warrington Guardian, The Sunday Times (Culture Section), Vogue, The Liverpool Echo, Viva Life!, Hit Music (China), Vive Le Rock and The Rebellion Festival Programme They have also been used in a variety of other online magazines including The Quietus, Louder Than Words, CRACK, Rock's Backpages and Punk Globe as well as also various bands’ websites. Mudkiss Photography compiles together the best of Melanie's new and recent work. It is an excellent catalogue of her exceptional work.

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