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Fossil Collective - Bodega, Nottingham, 11/4/2013

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 28 / 4 / 2013

Fossil Collective - Bodega, Nottingham, 11/4/2013


At the Bodega in Nottingham, Dave Goodwin watches rising Leeds-based multi-instrumental group Fossil Collective play a meticulous, but somewhat cautious set

Is it me or has The Bodega had a splash of paint? It might be that it has been a while since I last ventured into what is essentially and arguably Nottingham's fifth largest music venue. It has been a huge few weeks for the Leeds-based group Fossil Collective. Their debut album, ‘Tell Where I Lie’, was released a week ago, and their new single ‘Let It Go’ has stormed the iTunes’ chart at number 26 and been named ‘Single of the Week’. As if that isn't enough for the former Vib Gyor duo, their trip across the county to York last night saw the start of a 21-date tour of the UK. And if that isn't enough either, when they've done there they begin a month-long tour of the United States shortly after. Did I give you the impression that the Bodega is a small place back there? Well, it is not the biggest. Put it that way! But it does have a good sound as well as beer, and the lack of a pit makes the stage up close and personal which to be honest suits the band’s chilled-out sound and melodic meanderings. It is not the lightest of places either making it a nightmare for photographers, but that only adds to the atmosphere. Although described as a duo on Facebook, consisting of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker, they are touring as a five piece with the additions being Zane Keenan on keyboards, Antonio Mucedero on bass and Sean Gannon on guitar. The set itself starts off with a slow acoustic melody, easing us into the night and reverberating around the dark Bodega. The pace picks up by the time they launch into the fourth song, so much so that drummer Jonny breaks his stick to the chuckles of the folk closest to the stage. Highlights in the well-delivered set inlcude ‘Wolves’ and a great rendition of ‘Let it Go’, both singles from the new album. The most noticable thing you are going to witness if you go to see Fossil Collective is the harmonies and the dexterity of the line-up, who exchange instruments throughout. They swap guitars again before ‘Monument’, and we later see extra drums and even a ukulele. As we drift into the encore, they swap instruments during the middle of the song. The gig, possibly because it is only the second date of the tour, is a subdued and gentle affair, but as Jonny told me in an interview earlier they have a long, long way to go yet and a lot of energy to conserve. One thing is for sure here though, and - as Jonny also told me - they do over analyze and show perfectionism in everything they do. They are a very meticulous and detailed outfit, being quite tight-knitted already. Their musical talents are obvious and on show for all to see. By the time they hit the States they will be a little more battle-scarred, and more comfortable and easier on the stage. A band definitely on the up I think!

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Interview (2013)
Dave Goodwin talks to Jonny Hooker, one of the multi-instrumentalists with rising new acoustic band Fossil Collective about their career to date and musical influences

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Tell Where I Lie (2013)
Hard-to-define but harmonic and melodic debut album from Leeds-based acoustic duo, Fossil Collective

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