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Raw Bones - Raw Bones

  by Marie Hazelwood

published: 24 / 7 / 2012

Raw Bones - Raw Bones


Marie Hazelwood photographs anarchic rock 'n' roll band raw Bones at a show at The Picket in Liverpool

Raw Bones are a group from Liverpool who play music with a primitive and stripped down rock ‘n’ roll sound. The group has a revolving lineup), consisting of, depending on who is available, of Bazzy Dave (vocals), Vince Vine (guitar and vocals), Marko Bongo (cajon drums), Rex Monday (bass), Phil Hartley (double bass and vocals), Ben Fingerbone (cajon drums), T-bone (tom tom drums) and lastly Al Jones (cajon drums). Both Harley and Jones are also in Space, and Fingerbone in El Toro and Longfinger Bandits. They always play with at least two out of three of their cajon drummer on stage with them, and released a typically anarchic mini-debut album, ‘More Gravy’, earlier this year. These photographs of Raw Bones were taken at a gig at The Picket in Liverpool on June 2nd.

Picture Gallery:-
Raw Bones - Raw Bones

Raw Bones - Raw Bones

Raw Bones - Raw Bones

Raw Bones - Raw Bones

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646 Posted By: ex, liverpool on 23 Sep 2013
hi penny, you really need to do your research, ask the lead singer where his musical pedigree lies... oh he aint got non, he was in aband whe he was 15 called genital warts. (ha) and then erm.. he sang kareoke in chaplins bar in lodge lane few ears ago. have seen him in interivew with other 'journalists' and every time he side swipes the same question sort it out (from a not so embittered ex)

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