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Good The Bad - Interview

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 26 / 11 / 2011

Good The Bad - Interview


Anthony Strutt talks to Danish instrumental surf rock trio The Good The Bad at a show in London about their recently released second album, 'From 018-033'

The Good The Bad are a Danish instrumental surf rock trio. The group consisted at first of just Adam Olsson on guitar and Johan Lei Gelletti who is the best drummer in the world since Keith Moon. They were joined latterly by ex-Raveonettes guitarist, Manoj Ramdas. Their debut album ‘001-017’ came out in 2009. Their second album ‘From 018-033’ came out earlier this year. Pennyblackmusic spoke to Adam Olsson, in what is our second interview with The Good The Bad, at the launch party for ‘From 018-033’ at Madame Jojo’s in Soho in London. PB: ‘From 018-033’ is your second album, but the first to be recorded as a three piece. Was this one easier to write and record as a result? AO: It involved pretty much the same process. It was pretty much Johan and me most of the time. Then Manoj came in and played on it also. It took some years to record because we would record it one day, and then we had to work the next. PB: Do you have day jobs as well then? AO: We used to, but we are just really in the music business now. It was an album that was easier to record because we all knew each other a bit better than we did on the first one. We know better now where each other is going with the music. PB: Was it recorded in Denmark? AO: Yes. PB: This album is very different in its arrangements to the first album as there are both acoustic guitars and violins on it. There are some Morricone moments on it as well. Are you looking for soundtrack work because you are playing in that style rather than the earlier Jimi Hendrix style of your earlier work? AO: Everyone is influenced by film, so that is the main difference between the two albums, I think the third one will be more like Hendrix again. PB: Have you started on the third album yet? AO: Yeah, we are working on it. Hopefully we will release it early next year. PB: The songs on both albums all have numbers as titles and they are instrumentals as well. You are up to '033' now. When you see a set list, is it easy to remember what is what? AO:(Laughs) It is hard to learn titles for tracks, but it is getting easier now. PB: Who are your major influences now? AO: All these guys from the 60's, all those people with energy like Hendrix and the Who, mixed with Spaghetti Westerns themes. Britain in the 60’s was a wonderful place, I wasn't around then, but everything then had this energy which we find inspirational. PB: Have you toured with other bands with whom you share a similar groove or mindset? AO: We toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We played Europe with them. We got some gigs out of that in Germany afterwards because a promoter there saw us. PB: Do you still have no plans for a vocalist? You don't need one anyhow. AO: (Laughs) Still no plans. PB: Have you made many videos? AO: Yeah, we made one for ‘019’ from this album and we are going to make one for ‘023’. All our videos are on YouTube. PB: What are your future plans? More touring? AO: Yes, more touring. Lots more touring. PB: Thank you.

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Good The Bad - Interview

Good The Bad - Interview

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