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Good The Bad


Interview (2011)

Good The Bad - Interview

Anthony Strutt talks to Danish instrumental surf rock trio The Good The Bad at a show in London about their recently released second album, 'From 018-033'

Interview (2009)

Good The Bad - Interview

Danish/Sweidsh trio The Good The Bad include former Raveonettes guitarist, Manoj Ramdas, and play raw-sounding psychedelic/surf music. Anthony Strutt speaks to them about their forthcoming second album and why they have decided to remain an instrumental act


Brickhouse, London, 26/2/2010

Good The Bad - Brickhouse, London, 26/2/2010

At the Brickhouse in London Anthony Strutt in a frustrating evening full of difficulties sees instrumental Danish garage rock trio The Good The Bad play a stormy set to a disinterested crowd

Water Rats, London, 19/5/2009

Good The Bad - Water Rats, London, 19/5/2009

Anthony Strutt at the Water Rats in London finds compelling Danish/Swedish instrumental trio The Good The Bad's uniquely raucous and raw brand of rock 'n'roll

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