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Shades of Rhythm - Shades

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 21 / 1 / 2011

Shades of Rhythm - Shades
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Spencer Robertshaw looks at Peterborough-based dance/techno outfit and ZTT signing Shades of Rhythm's 1991 only album, 'Shades', which has recently been re-released

In the music and night club scene there was a magical time entitled ‘The Summer Of Love’. Many will argue whether it was 1988, 1989, 1990 or even 1991, but all will agree that a certain kind of music ruled the proper clubs in those times, a kind of electro funk, but more beefed up with a harder edge and backbone. The most prolific and famous band to grace those times was a Peterborough-based outfit cleverly called Shades of Rhythm. This band made a special kind of dance music – they got the formula absolutely spot on in the different sections of this genre of music,be it hardcore or soft edged beautiful pieces with the right vocals at the right time. So what had this band got? Everything, from building club monsters which sent the dance floor into a frenzy to melodic beauties which had you whistling along to them all day long. Their use of beats and piano breaks was perfect. The vocals and vocal samples were timed and keyed in to lift the track at exactly the right place. There was and is no other band to equal them. We did have other club acts who released the odd single which was classed as classic but they were one offs and in my opinion they just got lucky whilst Shades of Rhythm got it right everytime in the sector they aimed for with plenty of classic releases. I don’t like to single tracks out in a review as I like to let the listener know what the overall effect and vibe an album is on, but in the case of their 1991 sole album, 'Shades', which has just been reissued I will make an exception. The case in point is the classic 'The Sound of Eden' which is so beautiful that everyone I know feels lifted when it comes on. It is a perfect example of a crossover track which everyone can like from 8 to 88. Tracks such as 'Sweet Sensation' and 'Everybody' have a driving sound but are beautifully made. Then for the hardcore ravers there is 'Extacy' and 'Armageddon' which pound the speakers relentlessly hammering beats straight into your heart. The reissue of this is a two parter and the second CD is a mixture of unreleased tracks and remixes which include some more complete gems. If you ever liked the odd upbeat track or enjoyed a night clubbing then this release is essential listening. Shades of Rhythm invented the Summer Of Love.

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Shades of Rhythm - Shades

Shades of Rhythm - Shades

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