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Bloody Knives - Interview

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 4 / 12 / 2010

Bloody Knives - Interview


Roger O' Donnell was the keyboardist in the Cure between 1987 and 1990 and again from 1995 to 2005 and played on four of their albums, including their classic 'Disintegation'. He talks to Anthony Strutt about his time in the band and latest solo album, 'Piano Formations'

Roger O'Donnell was born in 1955 in the East End of London, next to the piano which he would end up playing. His first gig was in 1976, playing for Arthur Brown who had a hit on the Who's Track records with 'Fire' in 1968 and who would regularly set alight his hair as he performed the In the early and mid 1980s O' Donnell toured with the Thompson Twins, Berlin, and the Psychedelic Furs, before joining the Cure in 1987 and touring their 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me' album. He didn't appear on that album, but he was in the promo videos from that release and also on their next record, 'Disintegration' (1989). In 1990 during 'The Prayer Tour', the Cure's tour for 'Disintegration', he left the after falling out with some of the other band members. He rejoined in 1995 and playing on another three albums, 'Wild Mood Swings' (1996), 'Bloodflowers' (2000) and 'The Cure'. He was a full time member in 2005 when he started his first solo album, 'The Truth in Me', but in May of that year Robert Smith sacked both him and guitarist, Perry Bamonte, by e-mail,and reduced the band down to the four piece which it remains now. In the summer of 2005, he formed his own label 99X/10 with his partner Erin Long. His latest album, 'Piano Formations', is out now. PB: You were born in the East End of London. Where exactly were you born? RO: I was born in Forest Gate next to Wanstead Flats PB: You didn't like school. What didn't you like about it? RO: Everything. PB: Did you choose piano/keyboards or did it chose you? RO: As\I was born next to our piano at home it chose me, or rather I didn't really have a choice... PB: Did you try any other instrument? RO: No, there aren't any others. PB: Your first gig was with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, How did that come about? RO: I think the band I was in was recording in a studio and Arthur was at the same place and needed a band to play on some demos for him. PB: Was it strange working for a guy who wandered around the stage with his head on fire? RO: He had given that up by the stage I met him. He was, however, still very strange! PB: How did you meet up with Boris Williams whom you played with in both the Thompson Twins and the Cure? RO: A soul singer I was working with advertised and Boris turned up, I thought he looked like a hippy but he was an amazing drummer. PB: How did you get to join the Thompson Twins whom you were in between 1983 and 1985? RO: Through Boris... PB: Did you do 'Top of the Pops' with them? RO: No. PB: When Boris joined the Cure, you joined the Psychedelic Furs. How was your Furs experience. Did you record with them? RO: No I didn't. I only ever toured with them. It was better in hindsight. PB: You joined the Cure twice. How was your experience with the band? Did you enjoy it to start with, but did the constant long sets and touring take its toll? RO: No it is always way more personal than that. It is a family with family like dynamics and very emotional. PB: How involved were you with the song writing on the four albums you worked on with them? RO: At the same time very and not... PB: Are you still friends with any current or ex members? RO: Robert and I exchange emails and I saw Jason Cooper, their present drummer, for the first time recently which was nice. PB: As a solo artist now, were you tempted to join another band or you have enough cash that you don't need the hassle of touring the world anymore? RO: It's not about touring or money. It is about creative freedom and, no, I never thought about joining another group. I am either in the Cure or I am solo. PB: How does 'Piano Formations' sound compared to your other solo albums? RO: It is entirely different and very similar. It involves totally different instruments, but has a common creative and recording approach. PB: Who is your fan base now? Are they just Cure fans? RO: I have many fans from many different areas luckily. PB: Do you have any happy experiences from that time you like to tell us about? RO: I have many many happy and hilarious experiences. There are too many to single one out. PB: You are based in Devon now. Do you prefer the quiet life now? RO: Yes, very much so. I rarely leave my house. PB: What are your future plans? Will you tour again? RO: Yes, I have plans for next year. PB : Thank you.

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Bloody Knives - Interview

Bloody Knives - Interview

Bloody Knives - Interview

Bloody Knives - Interview

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806 Posted By: very good piano player, ussr on 06 Aug 2016
top musician glad to see him again with The Cure ! 2016 tour

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