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Miscellaneous - Noizemakesenemies

  by Fiona Hutchings

published: 13 / 1 / 2010

Miscellaneous - Noizemakesenemies


Our Website of the Month is Noizemakesenemies, an independent music website with single, album and live reviews and a particular emphasis on blog and forum culture

'Noizemakesenemies' http://www.noizemakesenemies.co.uk was launched in March 2007 "as an outlet for the editor’s musical musings. As more passionate music fans and hip young gunslingers have joined the team of scribes, it's grown into a webzine sharing independent and honest perspectives on a wide range of new music through reviews, interviews and features." Reviews of singles, albums, gigs, established and unsigned bands feature heavily but this site has become as much about its users as the bands. Blogs and message boards feature prominently too and the whole site seems to be bright eyed, bushy tailed and positively glowing with a collective love of music. There is a facility where aspiring musos can send in their tracks for review. The profile new members need to set up is exhaustive in its questions, stopping just short of your inside leg measurement. This site is best enjoyed as an interactive experience and your profile is the perfect springboard from which to connect with like minded fans, network, promote your band and discover new talent. The Noize TV section features music videos giving you the opportunity to see as well as hear bands. There are DIY features and interviews. The site itself is slick, easy to navigate and very user friendly. While it isn’'t so hard to find a space on the web to showcase your musical talents (or otherwise) it is harder to find somewhere that allows you to do this with style. Wihout a clashing MySpace background in sight, or assaulting your ears unless you request it, 'Noizemakesenemies' is lovely.

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