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Moby - Wait for Me

  by Sarah Maybank

published: 7 / 7 / 2009

Moby - Wait for Me
Label: ROM/Universal
Format: CD


Inoffensive and ultimately disappointing David Lynch-inspired latest album from Moby

It’s the hottest week of the year, and Moby releases an album with all the summer heat of icy sweat running down an MP’s back after they’ve been they’re called in to explain their expenses. With this album, Moby apparently wanted to purge himself of all notions of pandering to commercial interests and come up with something that was truly him. In doing so, he’s come up with something so awash with anguished strings and doom-laden synths it’ll have David Lynch fans racing to the shops in droves. Oddly, while you’re coming over all 'Twin Peaks', the dreamy female vocals and evocative samples will moodswing you back a decade to 1999 when 'Play', which is virtually this album’s Siamese twin, made Moby an unashamedly commercial prospect. There’s nothing to offend in ‘Wait For Me’. But it works less as something to listen to, than something you immerse yourself in (if you’re a fan) or drift in and out of if you’re Moby-neutral. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, it’ll certainly keep you ice cube cool if sleep’s evading you on hot, stuffy summer nights. Moby recently pointed out that on this side of the Atlantic, he’s regarded as a worthy, hand-wringing vegetarian peacenik, whereas in the States, they’ve got him pinned as a drink and drug-hoovering hedonist. How about next time we see the ‘real’ you from the Americans’ point of view, Moby?

Track Listing:-
1 Division
2 Pale Horses
3 Shot In The Back Of The Head
4 Study War
5 Walk With Me
6 Stock Radio
7 Mistake
8 Scream Pilots
9 Jltf 1
10 Jltf
11 A Seated Night
12 Wait For Me
13 Hope Is Gone
14 Ghost Return
15 Slow Light
16 Isolate
17 One Time We Lived
18 Stay Down
19 A Seated Night (Ambient)
20 Study War (Ambient)
21 Pale Horses (Ambient)
22 Stay Down (Ambient)
23 Hope Is Gone (Ambient)
24 Wait For Me (Ambient)
25 Division (Ambient)
26 Mistake (Ambient)
27 Walk With Me (Ambient)
28 Isolate (Ambient)
29 Shot In The Back Of The Head (Ambient)
30 Slow Light 1 (Ambient)
31 Ghost Return (Ambient)
32 Scream Pilots (Ambient)
33 Jltf3 (Ambient)
34 Slow Light 2 (Ambient)

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