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Wait for Me (Deluxe Edition) (2009)

Moby - Wait for Me (Deluxe Edition)

Fiona Hutchings assesses Moby's 'Wait for Me', which coming out earlier this year, has now been re-released in a deluxe three CD edition


Live The Hotel Tour (2006)

Moby - Live The Hotel Tour

Sarah Johnston examines Moby's new live DVD, which was filmed at at a venue in Belgium and features footage from a tour to promote his recent 'Hotel' album


Innocents (2013)

Formulaic and uninspired latest album from Moby, which finds him moving little on from 1998’s era-defining ‘Play'

One Time We Lived (2009)

Fabulous early 80's electro pop-influenced new single from Moby

Mistake (2009)

Dark-edged latest single from Moby, which in being so accurate in its tribute to Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen almost becomes a parody

Wait for Me (2009)

Inoffensive and ultimately disappointing David Lynch-inspired latest album from Moby

Ooh Yeah (2008)

Excellent new downlaod single from dance pioneer Moby which, taken from his recent album 'Last Night', finds him returning to basics

I Love to Move in Here (2008)

Enjoyable second single from Moby's 'Last Night' album, which finds him duetting with 70's rapper Grandmaster Caz

Alice (2008)

Experimental, hip-hop influenced new single from Moby

Lift Me Up (2005)

Fine acoustic based electronica on first single from Moby's forthcoming new album, 'Hotel'



Wireless Festival
Hyde Park, London, 24/6/2005 Codeine - Hyde Park, London, 24/6/2005

At the new Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in London, Denzil Watson watches varying sets from New Order, Moby, the Bravery, Graham Coxon and others

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