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Ejectorseat - Trash, Leeds, 12/6/2008

  by Russell Ferguson

published: 20 / 6 / 2008

Ejectorseat - Trash, Leeds, 12/6/2008


With a new single 'Not My Girl' to promote, Derby-based indie band band Ejector Seat recently toured Britain. Russell Ferguson at Trash in Leeds finds that, while still relatively unexperienced, they have the potential yet to push ahead of their contemporaries

Recently I reviewed Ejector Seat's recent single 'Not My Girl' for Pennyblackmusic and gave it a so so review. When I found out that they were playing Leeds it was too good an opportunity not to go and see how they sounded live. A Tuesday night found me at Trash, one of Leeds' smaller and lesser known venues, a basement club that plays hosts to a bunch of new up and coming bands. Tonight sees four bands playing on the same stage. The whole evening is as a result pushed for time, but these types of gigs are always the same in that way with too many bands and never enough time. Ejector Seat take to the stage as the last band for the night. By now many of the punters have left and they must be wondering why they are bothering playing to such a thinned-out crowd but such is life when you are promoting your new single. It can be a trying experience at times. They don't, however, seem over concerned and, thanking the remaining crowd for sticking about, start with ‘Hopeless and Emotionless’ and ‘To Be More Animal’, the B sides off their new single. The live version sound more basic than the studio versions on the EP. They have a rawer, more ragged sound. Demo versions would be a fair description. They continue the set by playing songs that I have not yet heard such ‘Closer’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’. These and the other songs in the set have a much rockier sound than the newer songs. The whole set works quite well and the previous material is almost as good as their more recent releases. As the set progresses you warm to these guys as you realize that their material has more variety and weight behind it the further the night progresses. It quickly becomes apparent that Ejector Seat are refining their sound and finding their feet in the world of indie rock. They certainly have the right look as they all look like a bunch of students which will appeal to the university masses which is their natural audience I said in my review of ‘Not My Girl’ that there is nothing wrong with this band other than they do not stand out from the vast amount of indie bands also out there and tonight has gone some way to reaffirm that view. While they play very well, have got a bunch of decent tunes and they believe in what they are doing, they need something more, but quite what it is difficult to put one's finger on. They just lack a little sparkle and that may come in time with more experience. For now Ejector Seat are doing well enough and still yet have the potential to push ahead of the contemporaries. The photographs that accompnay this article were taken exclusively for Pennyblackmusic by Russell Ferguson.

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Ejectorseat - Trash, Leeds, 12/6/2008

Ejectorseat - Trash, Leeds, 12/6/2008

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Not My Girl (2008)
Decent, if somewhat unremarkable indie guitar rock from new band, Ejector Seat

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