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XBXRX - End Hits, Ottawa, 21/4/2007

  by Andrew Carver

published: 15 / 4 / 2007

XBXRX - End Hits, Ottawa, 21/4/2007


In the basement of Ottawa record store End Hits, Andrew Carver enjoys vigorous shows from both hyperactive Californians XBXRX and equally energetic local act, Elephantoms

Oakland, California’s XBXRX started off as a noisy, squalling synth rock band centred about a pair of pseudonymous brothers. They don’t have the synthesizers any more (at least not as a live act) but they’ve kept the noise, and the hyperactive stage moves of hardcore punk. The quartet is currently touring behind the recently released ‘Wars’, and their venue for this evening’s show was the basement of punk rock and alternative record store End Hits. The opening band was local act Elephantoms, whose major claim to fame is one of the region’s most chaotic frontmen. The indecipherable howl’n’growl vocals, thrashing music and energetic flailing and flopping was short on comprehensibility but did have a visceral appeal. The small audience seemed to enjoy the show, while staying flattened against the wall for safety’s sake (particularly after some active stage moves toppled one of the PA system’s speakers during the first song). Elephantoms took the stage (okay, the basement floor) in colours to match their latest album’s cover: Yellow shirts decorated with purple duct tape and orange pants. The Touchstone brothers (Vice Cooler and Steve) wielded a pair of much-abused Squier Stratocasters as they tore through their own fractured art punk. While just as noisy and frenetic as Elephantoms’ performance, more song structure peeked through the elemental scree to lend a bit of structure to the catharsis. Like Elephantoms, they put on a physically vigorous show: Steve “crowd surfed” along the show-goers lined up against the wall, while singer-guitarist Vice Cooler jammed his guitar into the unfinished holes dotting the basement ceiling (narrowly missing the gas line at one point). The show ended with the drum set being kicked to pieces and the high hat cymbal being swung overhead.

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XBXRX - End Hits, Ottawa, 21/4/2007

XBXRX - End Hits, Ottawa, 21/4/2007

XBXRX - End Hits, Ottawa, 21/4/2007

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