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Miscellaneous - DJ Night

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 11 / 10 / 2003

Miscellaneous - DJ Night


"Music and lifestyle" website Melstars recently ran its first DJ night in London. Featuring sets from Elixir, one part of Phobos 3, and former Elastica guitarist Sheila Chipperfield, Olga Sladeckova finds it an event well worth attending

I'm not personally one of those people who spends every weekend at a club dancing and drinking all night so that I can fight a hangover the next day and then head for a club the next evening again. Although once I do make the effort and get out to the club, it's always worth it. The 30th October is a very wet and windy evening. I have to admit the thought of heading across London to a club isn't the most attractive one. However, once surrviving the bad transport and approaching the the Harrow Campus of Westminster University all my doubts are gone. Tonight there is a club night there being organized by the "music and lifestyle" site http://www.melstars.co.uk. The music coming out of the builiding is like a lead for me. When I get a bit closer I realise that it's Primal Scream's 'Sick City'. There couldn't be a better welcoming. Only I'm just missing it! It's past 10 and the venue which has a capacity of 400 is slowly getting busy. It's still a bit too early for people to dance and so everyone first heads for thebar and then finds a comfortable place to sit and talk. DJs Elixir (Steve and Richard from the band Phobos 3) are playing their best tunes. We know that when we get treated to the Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, the Stone Roses, but also new bands such as the Lazarus Effect and the Kites. Crossing the midnight hour the music seem to get louder or perhaps that's all those drinks that we have managed to sink down. No one seems shy anymore. People spin and dance now under the notes of Sheila Chipperfield (ex-Elastica) and DJ Laurence (known from Popstarz and Red Eye). The Sex Pistols have always got a good reaction from audiences and tonight is no exception. Here come the Waterboys, the Undertones, Patti Smith,... it just doesn't stop. Considering it's not even the weekend yet the crowd keep on dancing till the early hours Over all, quite a good success for the ever first event by Melstars!

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