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Miscellaneous - Profile

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 13 / 6 / 2003

Miscellaneous - Profile


The third Pennyblackmusic Bands Night will take place at the Spitz in London on August 2nd. There will be four great acts-Lupine Howl, Bikini Atoll, the Lazarus Effect and Ashby -and it all costs £7. Further details can be found here

Drunken, sweaty and shattered we staggered out of the London Spitz in the early morning hours after the second Penny Black Music Night on the 26th April . Personally, I can't remember much after that... The line-up, which featured Rothko, the Capes, Jim Reid and Magoo ,completely fulfilled our expectations , but perhaps put too much pressure on the next Penny Black Music Night. How could we go from there to make the next gig great again? There was, however, perhaps a way... Getting the first band turned out to be quite easy. A demo by the Lazarus Effect, which features one of Pennyblackmusic's writers Jonjo McNeill on vocals, had already circled round the Pennyblackmusic office. Loving their tunes which carry the influence of 90's Brit pop, and bear a resemblance to those of New Model Army and the Levellers, we had our second support act for the third Penny Black Music Night. Out of the ashes of the now broken up Baptiste we dug out the first support. This new group, Ashby featuring Wayne and Marc Gooderham from that old band and Jane Cockcroft on cello, will welcome you by opening up the gig at 8:15. "Headline, headline, headline..." was becoming a bit of a problem as 3 weeks after searching and asking around we still hadn't come up with the right name. And then it came. Lupine Howl!!!! Lupine Howl features Sean Cook, Mike Mooney (both formerly of Spiritualized), Johnny Mattock (ex-Spaceman 3) and Ian Maclaren (ex- Sunna). "Wow!" - Yeah, we know. I remember getting the band's second album, 'The Bar At The End Of The World', in one of the London record shops in Berwick Street. I put it into my personal stereo straight away and by the time I walked up the road was in love. We were fortunate as the band was planning some August dates and looking for a gig in London. The Penny Black Music Night will be Lupine Howl's first gig of that tour, which will end in the band's home town of Bristol when they support Massive Attack on the 25th August. The last band for the line-up, Bikini Atoll, was a spontaneous decision. Seeing the band at one of their London shows we knew we wanted them on the bill by the time the set was over. To turn you on, the band has been previously described as a mix of Nick Cave, Mogwai and Joy Division. So here you go! To recalculate the line-up we have: LUPINE HOWL (headline) BIKINI ATOLL THE LAZARUS EFFECT ASHBY Puppy Dog Records, and Sally and Paul, will be giving us some great DJing as usual. We will be playing some more records after Lupine Howl come off the stage at 11.15 so anyone who likes dancing is more than welcome to stay before the night finishes at 12:30. All of this will be happening again at the Spitz on Saturday 2nd  August. Admission for all this is only £ 7. The first band kicks off the night promptly at 8:15, so make sure you are there! We are looking forward to meeting you again. It will be definitely worth coming. Don't miss it! The Pennyblackmusic team P.S..: All the bands have been featured in our magazine. The second and the last photos that accompany this article were taken by Bob Stuart and originally appeared on his own website www.underexposed.org.uk

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Miscellaneous - Profile

Miscellaneous - Profile

Miscellaneous - Profile

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