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Photon Band - It's A Lonely Planet

  by Andrew Carver

published: 8 / 2 / 2003

Photon Band - It's A Lonely Planet
Label: Darla
Format: CD


"Catchy, space pop" on third album from Philadelphia group Photon Band, recorded largely on eight-track at home by the group's frontman and "bedroom recorder ace", Di Furia

A minute of rocket noise, chopped-up children’s noises (that is, the noise is chopped up, not the kids) and a cuckoo clock herald the Photon Band’s third long-player. The “song” may be called 'Re-Entry Burn' but have no doubts:  You have now left the planet. Destination: Catchy, spacy pop with song titles like 'Outer Space'and 'Dreamin II” and lyrics like 'Fly Me to the Astral Plane.' After one listen, no one familiar with the Psychedelphia scene which embraces bands like Vibrolux, Brother JT and the Lilies will be surprised to hear PB main man Art Di Furia has collaborated with members of all three bands. The resemblance to Brother JT is particularly marked, but where Mr. John Terlesky looks heavenward, Di Furia is more interested in things celestial than divine. There’s also a very conscious touch of Marc Bolan, who gets a nod in 'It’s a Lonely Planet.' Di Furia is a bedroom recorder ace, laying down alternately bouncy and melancholic pop music laced with strange squiggles and backward noise on a eight-track; this may explain the band’s striking similarity to Norway’s Dipsomaniacs. There's also an innocent tone that once again reminds of Syd Barrett, Television Personalities and, once again, Brother JT. Top marks to "Dreamin II', : for the ace lyrics “I-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-y’ ....woah-a-woah-a-woah ... oowuwuwuwu .... i-yi-yi-yi-yi ... etc.” (Art, it may be time to return to Earth). Fans of spike-pop would be well-advised to pick this one up, but it should appeal to anyone who loves a good tune.

Track Listing:-
1 Re Entry Burn
2 It's A Lonely Planet
3 Outer Space
4 Out Of Synch, Out Of Season
5 Indirection
6 Paper Plane
7 Dreamin II
8 If It's A Beautiful Day
9 Closer
10 We Don't Care Anymore

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