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California Oranges (2003)

Oranges And Pineapples
Breezy, no frills summer pop from Sacremento-based group California Oranges, several of whose members also play in the Sinking Ships

Japancakes (2002)

Belmondo / Bliss Out V 19
"Beautiful" third album from Athens, Georgia based group, which closes in "on Tortoise and Tristeza territory"

Lowlights (2003)

Slightly over melancholic, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyable acoustic-led ballad rock from Lowlights, the moniker for Californian solo artist Dameon Lee

Pale Horse And Rider (2004)

Moody Pike
Perfectly conceived country blues on debut album from Pale Horse and Rider, the new project of Jon DeRosa who is known primarily for his work in electronic art project Aarktica

Photon Band (2003)

It's A Lonely Planet
"Catchy, space pop" on third album from Philadelphia group Photon Band, recorded largely on eight-track at home by the group's frontman and "bedroom recorder ace", Di Furia

Sinking Ships (2003)

Out Of Key Harmony
No-frills, unpretentious summer pop from Sacramento four piece,reminiscent of bands like Voice of the Beehive,Teenage Fanclub, the Primitives and the Bangles

Various (2002)

Little Darla Has A Treat Foryou V.19, Indian Summe
Thoroughly enjoyable new sampler from the diverse Darla indiepop label, that fields a "wealth of new, slightly off the beaten track music"

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