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The Silver Surfer - Half Moon , London

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 15 / 1 / 2003

The Silver Surfer - Half Moon , London


One of the highlights of the recent Pennyblackmusic Night, Silver Surfer played the second date of their British tour at the London Half Moon. Olga Sladeckova watches the Portland, Orgegon shoegazers play another sparkling set

The Portland-based band Silver Surfer visited Britain in mid January to play a few shows here. The first one was at the Pennyblack Music Night at the London Spitz which sold out! 4 days later the band appeared at the Half Moon in Putney. The Half Moon is romantically situated on the banks of the river Thames. There are lamps along the sides glowing with yellowy light. There is no time to waste looking around though! It is 10 and Silver Surfer are already due on stage. 'Hi! We are Silver Surfer from Portland in Oregon' enthuses lead singer, Ryan Carroll. The band's first song of the night is 'Aquamarine'. Thundering guitars at the very start balance out against lighter guitar strumming and Ryan's reflective voice. 'She's Alive', the second song of the set, comes from Silver Surfer's first full length album 'If This Is Out There...' Keyboardist Doug Qaurtz's fingers hit the keyboards at the speed of light, and then the guitars and vocals break in. In between the songs Ryan teaches us about the glamorous history of the Half Moon. "The Rolling Stones played here at the Half Moon! U2! Silver Surfer! And many other famous bands" he comments. "I melt away you know? I've been this way before? And I say fuck it/Throw It All Away. It's Monday." sings Ryan in a relieved voice on 'Cannavass'. Guitars, drums and keyboard linger along in this laidback tune. The audience relaxes to the calm tunes and a few people sit at the front of the stage. When the song finishes Ryan reminds us that we can buy the new album right in the concert hall tonight. "It's only £ 5!" he calls out. "If you kiss our bass guitarist, it's only £ 4." An older man rushes to buy one CD but doesn't seem to be keen on kissing Jeremy Dietz, the bassist. Silver Surfer also add the Jesus and Mary Chain song 'Happy Place' to tonight's set. The cover version of the song is energetic and all the musicians join in singing it together as if their lives depend upon it. It's time to close tonight's performance. Ryan passes his guitar over to Doug, grabs microphone and the front trio start jumping up and down along with the hellishly fast tune of 'Bewitched'. Jeremy Dickerson, the drummer, punishes his drums with strong hits that force you to stand up and dance. That is it! Silver Surfer are not going back to the US quite yet, but I believe they will be back rocking London in a year's time. It will be worth the wait! Set List : Aquamarine She's Alive Change Your Mind Cannavas Chasing The Girls Hypnotune Clear As Stratosphere Honestly So Soft Chinese Kites If I Was A Girl Happy Place Sgt. Pepper Dolphin Endorphins Bewitched

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The Silver Surfer - Half Moon , London

The Silver Surfer - Half Moon , London

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