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Czars - London Borderline, 8/10/2002

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 14 / 10 / 2002

Czars - London Borderline, 8/10/2002


One of the most popular bands on former Cocteau Twins' guitarist Robin Guthrie's Bella Union label, Denver's the Czars recently played an extensive tour of Europe. Olga Sladeckova catches them on a hot night at the London Borderline

At the beginning of September, the Colorado based group, the Czars, set off an European tour. Playing a long string of gigs first of all in cities such as Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Edinburgh, they arrived in London on the 8th October . The central London venue of the Borderline was on the day in question packed. The heating, which music venues sometimes turn on to make fans more thirsty and more generous in their spending at the bar, didn't help. A middle age man had over estimated his drinking limit in these difficult conditions. To the calm melodies of the Kittens, the second supporting band, he staggered out of the venue at 9:30. Other than that no one else dared to leave. John Grant, the Czars guitarist and front man, appeared on the stage just before 10, accompanied by a female guitarist and sang the first song 'Top Breed'. "So fuck you ! You understand. You're proud and stupid. You understand me" he welcomed us with his strong voice, but we all knew that he loved us really. The rest of the band then joined in during the next song, '2nd Runner Up'. Recently released on Bella Union as one of the B sides on their new single, 'X Would Rather Listen to Y Than Suffer Through a Whole C of Z's', it starts off in a very ordinary manner with thoughtful vocals and soft music. Towards the end, it then becomes more strong, building up with enthusiastic drum beats. 'Get Used To It' is an older song and some of the fans couldn't resist joining in singing with John. "If this is what you want, then get used to destruction. If this is what you need, then get used to depression." 'X Would Rather Listen To Y' came later. Even though the single had not been released at the time of the gig, it appeared easy for the fans to slip into its rhythm and to appreciate it. When the last song finished, the band put their instruments down on the stage and left fans protesting and shouting for more. It took less than a minute to get them back on the stage. 'Drug' opened the encore and guaranteed to the Czars that their fans love them. It was almost 11 when the group definitely finished and, all waving to say 'Good-bye', finally left the stage.

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Czars - London Borderline, 8/10/2002

Czars - London Borderline, 8/10/2002

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