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Godfathers - Alpha Beta Gamma Delta

  by John Clarkson

published: 5 / 10 / 2022

Godfathers - Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
Label: New Dog Records
Format: CD


Inventive and richly versatile ninth album from The Godfathers which proves to be a career highlight

The Godfathers have always been at their best in their nearly forty-year career when they are angry, and frontman and now sole original member Peter Coyne has found a lot to be angry about on their captivating ninth studio album, ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’. The mundanity of working a dead-end job and the desperation that comes with living for the kicks of the weekend are early targets on the blistering ‘You Gotta Wait’. “It’s Monday/Monday’s a bitch,” spits Coyne as an opening line. Current times and our over dependence on technology get a hammering on the klaxoning ‘I Hate the 21st Century’ (“Mobile phones/TV/Soldiers and bombs/The shit’s got real”), and corrupt politicians, the apathetic rich and greedy capitalists are all put on the firing line on the fiery, furious closer ‘I Despair’. This is, however, only a part of what is a gritty and richly versatile album. ‘Bring In the Sunshine’ looks towards better times (“There is always something to bring you down”), and is a psychedelic-tinged pop song. The brooding new single ‘Midnight Rider’ captures the loneliness and solitude of its protagonist who chooses to live his life alone out on the road, and ‘Straight Down the Line’ is at its roots beneath its searing, punchy surface an us-against-the-world tender love song (“I won’t let them hurt you ‘cos I still love you”). ‘There’s No Time’ is an autumnal, crooned 50’s-style ballad about time running out, while the epic, scorched penultimate track ‘Dead in Los Angeles’ reflects on the vacuousness and emptiness of Hollywood culture. Peter Coyne has been through his ups and downs with The Godfathers since they reformed after a lengthy hiatus in 2011. There have been over a dozen changes in the line-up, and he controversially sacked the entire last incarnation of The Godfathers in 2019 the day after they played the Rebellion Festival when they showed little interest in making a new album. On the evidence of this, it was the right decision. The harmonies have never been crisper on a Godfathers album, and in Billy Duncanson (drums/vocals), Wayne Vermaak (guitars/vocals), Jon Priestley (bass/vocals) and Richie Simpson (guitars/vpcals) Peter Coyne has a present line-up that are as razor-sharp taut as they are dynamic and diverse. ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ is one of the highlights of The Godfathers' lengthy career.

Track Listing:-
1 Alpha Beta Gamma Delta
2 Bring On the Sunshine
3 You Gotta Wait
4 I Hate the 2st Century
6 Midnight Rider
7 Straight Down the Line
8 Lay That Money Down
9 Tonight
10 I'm Not Your Slave
11 There's No Time
12 Dead in Los Angeles
13 I Despair

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