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Interview with Peter Coyne (2022)

Godfathers - Interview with Peter Coyne

Peter Coyne, the frontman with The Godfathers, speaks to Denzil Watson about their critically acclaimed new album, ‘Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta’.

Interview (2020)

Godfathers - Interview

Cult indie rockers The Godfathers are currently celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary with blazing new single ‘I’m Not Your Slave’/‘Wild and Free’. Lead singer Peter Coyne talks to Denzil Watson about his undying thirst for rock n’ roll and future plans.

Interview (2017)

Godfathers - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Peter Coyne, the front man with the Godfathers, about the alternative rock band's latest line-up and new album, 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise'

Interview Part 1 (2013)

Godfathers - Interview Part 1

In the first part of an extensive two part interview John Clarkson speaks to all four members of new wave/rock and roll group the Godfathers about their present line-up...

Interview Part 2 (2013)

Godfathers - Interview Part 2

..and in the second part about 'Jukebox Fury', their first album in seventeen years

Interview (2008)

Godfathers - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Peter and Chris Coyne from 80's new wave/rock 'n' roll group the Godfathers about their band and their decision to reform the classic original line-up of the group after a nearly 20 year absence


Godfathers (2011)

Godfathers - Godfathers

Andrew Carver reflects upon South London punk/rock 'n' roll band the Godfathers first two major label releases, 1988's 'Birth, School, Work, Death' and 1989's 'More Songs about Love and Hate', which have both recently been reissued


Lexington, London, 31/10/2014

Godfathers - Lexington, London, 31/10/2014

Dastardly watches London-based rock and roll/punk legends the Godfathers unveil their new five-piece line-up in typically blistering form at the Lexington in London

Picture House, Edinburgh, 1/3/2013

Godfathers - Picture House, Edinburgh, 1/3/2013

At a support date to the Stranglers at the Edinburgh Picture House on the first night of a three week tour, John Clarkson sees the reformed Godfathers, back on the road to promote their first album in seventeen years, play a fantastic set


The Godfathers (2013)

Godfathers - The Godfathers

John Clarkson examines South London-formed alternative rock band the Godfathers' eponymous and rarely heard 1993 album, which is about to be re-released for its twentieth anniversary in a double CD edition


Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro (2002)

Godfathers - Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro

1990 was spent mainly touring, and working on songs for the next album, and 1991 began optimistically with the group playing their largest ever St Valentine’s Day Massacre at London’s Brixton Academ

Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro (2002)

Godfathers - Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro

When ‘The Godfathers ‘ first emerged in the mid nineteen eighties, their hard-edged and abrasive wound immediately attracted the interest and enthusiasm of many music journalists and critics. The Sout

Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro (2002)

Godfathers - Songs about Love and Hate : An Intro

The band’s second album, and their most famous work, ‘Birth, School, Work, Death’ came out in February 1988. The album had the more polished and slightly slicker feel that a larger budget brings, but


Alpha Beta Gamma Delta (2022)

Inventive and richly versatile ninth album from The Godfathers which proves to be a career highlight

I'm Not Your Slave/Wild and Free (2020)

First-rate double A-sided single in a new line-up from alternative rock band the Godfathers, released to coincide with their 35th anniversary

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (2017)

Exhilarating full return-to form on eighth album from legendary alt. rock band, the Godfathers

Jukebox Fury (2013)

Superb return-to-form on comeback record and seventh studio album from London based punk/rock and roll act, the Godfathers

Shot Live at the 100 Club (2010)

Fantastic live CD/DVD from rock 'n' roll/punk band, the Godfathers, recorded at a gig at the 100 Club in their native London to celebrate their 25th anniversary



Kris Dollimore
Interview Part 1 Kris Dollimore - Interview Part 1

In a two part interview, both parts of which we are running consecutively, Godfathers guitarist Kris Dollimore in the first part speaks to John Clarkson about his years performing with the explosive London new wave punk band and playing subsequently with both the Damned and Del Amitri...


Dirtbombs/Kelley Stoltz
Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008 Dirtbombs - Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008

Andrew Carver is impressed by both godfathers of Detroit garage rock, the Dirtbombs, and also support act Kelley Stoltz, at a show at the Babylon in Ottawa

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