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Erasure - Day-Glo

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 5 / 10 / 2022

Erasure - Day-Glo
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


Flawed latest album from synth duo Erasure which reworks for the third time some of the material from 'The Neon'. their much acclaimed 2020 album

Erasure's 2020 album 'The Neon' harked back to their 1980s heyday. It was a strong record that reiterated the melodic genius of keyboardist Vince Clarke. It also led to an entertaining re-mix album in 2021. However, using this same source material a third time might be going a bit far. That said, new release 'Day-Glo' doesn't bear too much resemblance to its predecessors. During surplus studio time during lockdown, Clarke re-jigged some of the backing tracks from 'The Neon' and sent them to singer Andy Bell who supplied ad lib vocals plus some choral chants. The result is rather mixed. The dance grooves of 'Inside Out' work well and there are a few moments of silken beauty on the new album. But, overall, the record feels rather like the stop-gap release it clearly is. Hopefully, for their next album, Erasure will start from scratch again and produce something that is all-new and original and up to their usual high standard.

Track Listing:-
1 Based on a True Story
2 Bop Beat
3 Pin-Prick
4 The Conman
5 Now
6 Inside Out
7 Harbour of My Heart
8 3 Strikes and You're Out
9 The Shape of Things
10 The End

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