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Ten Songs That Made Me Love.... (2021)

Erasure - Ten Songs That Made Me Love....

Fiona Hutchings picks ten personal milestones from the tracks of British pop pioneers Erasure.


Day-Glo (2022)

Flawed latest album from synth duo Erasure which reworks for the third time some of the material from 'The Neon'. their much acclaimed 2020 album

Storm Chaser (2007)

Enjoyable new 9 track EP from Erasure, consisting mainly of remixes, released to coincide with their latest British tour

Light at the End of the World (2007)

Latest album from Erasure, which despite some fine moments finds them far from their best

I Could Fall in Love with You (2007)

Enjoyable multi-formated latest single from Erasure, which appears in various different remixes

Union Street (2006)

Pleasant collection of acoustic reworkings of some of their old songs on new album from Erasure

Don't Say You Love Me (2005)

Happy second single from Erasure's new album 'Nightbird', which "will have the most unhappy of souls smiling without too much effort"

Nightbird (2005)

Instantly classic and timeless synth pop on 11th studio album from the long-serving Erasure

Breathe (2005)

Mature, but ultimately "very human"-sounding synth pop on new single from Erasure

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